10 Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits in 2021

  • By: Eric Albom
  • Date: May 29, 2021
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Electric bikes are the newest rage in transport these days. They happen to be better for the environment, and they save people a lot of money on transport fuel. Apart from this, electric bikes are just better in other ways too. They give you a lot more control over your vehicle and make sure that you do not fall short in any way. 

However, you have an alternative to purchasing an electric bike. You can buy an electric bike kit to convert your older bike and transform it into something useful that you can use further.

It would be best to consider many factors when you decide to buy a conversion kit. For starters, you have the element of durability. You need to pay serious attention to this because durability will ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. 

You should also make sure that the motor is according to your paying price. The engine will also ensure that the speed is consistent and good enough. If there is a battery included in the kit, ensure that the quality is good enough. Torque is another important aspect of a good bike kit. Leverage is not the strongest point of all bike kits without which there aren’t many tricks that you can do. 

There are variations in terms of what wheel the bike kit will be aligned with. It may be a front wheel or a rear wheel. Some companies also offer a mid-wheel option.

Let's Jump into Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits of 2021

1. Bafang 8FUN

his electric bike kit is one of the most famous conversion kits in the market. It does have a specific price to it, which means it is pretty expensive, but at the same time, the people who have gotten around to using it have appreciated every aspect of it. 

They have said that this conversion kit is worth every penny to pay for it. This specific conversion kit has a mid-drive system. Mid-drive means that the conversion kit comes with two distinct working modes. The throttle-only method will give the rider extra speed, and there is also a drive-only model that offers the rider a more relaxed drive. 

The lithium-ion battery is good for the environment and ensures that the bike can handle almost all conditions. The compatibility can include steep hills and such, where you can test the bike kit the most. 

With a 750 W motor, this electric bike kit is one of the best items in the market. You have to remind yourself that the equipment is a bit of an investment and to make sure that you save up.


  • The bike kit is relatively lightweight for starters, and you can carry it around easily
  • The bike kit comes with a brushless motor
  • Unlike most kits, this has a great battery included in the equipment
  • The kit happens to be quiet and efficient in its work


  • There is one problem that many people have experienced is that this bike kit does not come with as much wattage as its other counterparts
  • The price of the electric bike kit has raised problems for people because they do not want to spend too much money on a bike kit

2. JaxPety Front Wheel Conversion kit

One of the critical features of this conversion kit is that it is a lot less expensive than other kits on this list. People have long been using this to convert their old bikes into electric bikes. This bike conversion kit also offers a dual-mode system, where you can either choose high speed or regular speed, depending on what you prefer or what your requirements are.

The kit does not include the disc brake in the whole package, you may have to purchase it, but the kit is compatible with disk brakes.

The battery wiring also isn’t included in the kit, and you will have to spend extra on it. However, it is one of the better kits out there for the price you are getting. Another external item you may have to buy to use this kit is an LED display.

Furthermore, it does not come with one, and you may have to spend a little extra on it for the items you need. You may also need to purchase the battery before using it. However, the initial cost is still relatively low.



  • The design of the front wheel is unique and different and sets it apart from its counterparts
  • The inexpensive nature of this electric bike kit is one of the lowest on the market
  • The bike kit does not make as much noise as other electric conversion kits
  • The conversion kit is also easily compatible with many battery types


  • The tire included in the kit is not very good quality, and you could get better by just spending a little more money
  • Apart from that, the instructions provided for the assembly are complicated to understand kit

3. AW Front Wheel Kit

This wheel kit is quite good for the price you are getting. It is one of the best wheel kits in market and suitable for people who do not want to invest a lot in their kits. However, it is an exact, dimension-specific wheel kit and will only fit a particular type of wheel. It isn’t too versatile in that aspect. 

However, it is an excellent front-wheel kit. The gear’s motor is quite powerful compared to others on this list. The kit offers about 48 V of voltage, and this is a good amount of voltage to ensure that your electric bike runs as smoothly as possible. 

The bike will do 1000 W at 48 V and 750 W at 36 V. The kit has included a brushless hub motor and a dual-mode controller. The dual-mode controller is evidence that the bike can run at various speeds.

The kit also comes with an added LCD which means you won’t have to spend extra money on any of that. There is also a pedal-assist sensor that can help keep you updated to the best of its abilities.



  • The durability level of this specific bike kit is truly unmatched. You won’t find another bike kit that is as long-lasting as this one
  • The brushless motor makes sure that the noise emitted is limited, if any at all
  • The LCD that comes with the bike kit is of decent quality
  • The quality is up to par, and the job gets done quite efficiently


  • There is no battery and charger in this kit
  • The provided instructions can be deemed lackluster in the way they describe the steps
  • The brake pads aren’t excellent quality

4. AW Rear Wheel Electric Kit

This bike kit is like the front wheel kit from the same brand, but also different because it is for the rear wheel. This rear wheel kit is said to be excellent value for money and of decent quality. The kit comes with a dual system, which means a hall effect mode and a non-hall mode. 

You can choose the one that you prefer. Also, the wheel kit comes with a brushless hub motor. The wheel is sturdy and suitable for long distances.



  • The wheel is quite powerful and does not let out that easily, which isn’t the case with all-wheel kits
  • The speed of the wheel kit is excellent and suitable for regular use
  • The wheel is relatively easy to assemble because the instructions are good enough
  • It is relatively cheap to compare it to other brands on the market and good value for the money you are paying


  • Manufacturers sell batteries and chargers separately, which means you will have to spend a bit extra money on them
  • The kit is a bit heavier than usual

5. Aosom 26″ Bike Kit

Aosom offers one of the better bike kits in the market. People often opt for this bike kit because of its reliability. The wheel kit is quite convenient and easily assembled. It does not require the builder to have a lot of technical knowledge of bike kits in general. 

Following the instructions accurately will get you what you need. The price of the bike kit is also quite economical and stable. You can convert a bicycle into a motorcycle with pedals using this specific bike kit and its energy. You will no longer have to exert a lot of energy to get from one spot to another.


  • The brushless motor will make sure that the noise is as limited as possible and the bike isn’t too loud when you are traveling
  • The electric wheel makes everything so much more comfortable for the rider
  • The wheel is quite versatile and can fit various kinds of wheel sizes
  • The assembly of the bike kit isn’t that extensive


  • You will have to spend a little extra money on the battery and the charger because it isn’t a part of the kit
  • There will be little weight on the front wheel, and with full torque, the wheel can spin at faster speeds

6. Goplus Electric Bicycle Kit

Goplus offers another excellent item on the list, and this is a rear-wheel bike kit that is good for the environment. Not only that, the bike kit comes with a brushless hub motor and an LCD. There are variations in the speed level of this kit, and you can choose according to what feels suitable for your travels. 

The motor wheel also comes with an intelligent controller, which keeps the wheel in check and ensures its durability.



  • This electric bike kit is quite durable and sturdy. It is a long-lasting piece of equipment
  • The brushless hub motor makes sure that the wheel is quiet and does not make as much noise
  • The included LCD will save you a lot of money


  • The voltage that the kit claims to have might not be realistic, and you may not get as much power
  • The bike kit is for specific wheel size and not very versatile. It will fit a particular size, and that is it speeds

7. ModWheel Electric Bike Kit

ModWheel offers another durable bike kit. This bike kit will ensure that you do not get quickly exhausted because of pedaling. This kit provides a 26″ front wheel. The bike kit comes with a 250 W motor which is brushless and comes with its own set of advantages. 

The tire is already attached, and the kit comes with a good LCD. It takes only 5 hours for the bike to get a complete recharge, and it comes with a top speed of about 15 miles per hour.



  • The brushless hub motor will make sure that the bike kit isn’t too loud and unnecessary
  • The added LCD screen will save you quite a bit of money which you can then invest in some other aspect of your bike
  • There is an added option of a thumb throttle that can help increase the bike’s speed when you prefer


  • It isn’t as versatile as other bike kits on this list because it only fits a specific size type
  • The claimed distance isn’t entirely accurate, as some people have had trouble getting 15 miles per hour speeds

8. EBIKELING Electric Bike Kit

This specific brand brings about different variations in terms of size and style. The company offers an option of full thumb throttle and also a twist. 

Manufacturers made the frame out of aluminum and carbon steel. These two materials combined make for a very sturdy structure of the wheel. 

They did not include the battery and the tire in the kit. The company has also offered a 3-month warranty for the equipment, which proves that they have faith in the product they are selling. There is a pedal-assist sensor that gives you a ride without any throttle response.


  • The variations in the style make the kit compatible with different kinds of wheels and various types of bikes
  • The bike can change speeds depending on what the rider prefers and can go along with
  • The kit can be used for the front wheel or the back wheel, depending on what works
  • The price of the kit is relatively less high


  • There are no lights included in the kit, or there have been some inconsistencies
  • The hub motor is not brushless, which means that there will be some noise when the rider is riding the bike with the kit
  • The quality is relatively less than other bike kits on this list per hour speeds

9. GRM iMortor Electric Bike

This electric bike kit is good value for money. The company specifically made the bike kit for mountain bikes, which means that the bike kit can sustain steep hills. It comes with a detachable lithium battery. The equipment’s power makes sure that the charge lasts the rider a long time. 

The electric bike kit comes with an attached Bluetooth for you to control your bike with as much stealth as possible. It can connect to both Android and iOS.


  • You can connect the bike kit to both mainstream operating systems, making the bike kit quite versatile and functional
  • It is one of the few bike kits on the market that pertains to mountain bikes at a very structural level
  • The long-lasting battery means that you can use this bike on long trips as well


  • There have been complaints by the people that the battery life isn’t entirely accurate and has caused particular problems
  • The top speed isn’t entirely accurate and can be a bit inconsistent
  • It takes time for the bike to upgrade to a different level. There are some improvements in the manufacturing of the bike kit

10. Voilamart Electric Bike Conversion Kit

This specific bike kit comes with a brushless hub motor and an intelligent controller which helps the rider. Brake levers detach the engine and allow for a safer stop option. The option of the twist throttle provides for a battery level display on the LCD screen and gives a disclaimer when the charge is about to run out. The kit comes with cable ties and a wire hub. Kit also includes the twist throttle.


  • The brushless motor makes sure that there isn’t any unnecessary noise that comes out of the bike kit
  • There is a complete conversion of both wheels, including the front wheel and the rear wheel


  • The battery and power level of the bike kit isn’t as prescribed in the description
  • The assembly is a little more complicated than usual


There is a bit of trouble when it comes to the assembly if you are an amateur. It is not a simple process, and you will have to take help from the internet. There are also variations that you have to look through and choose from. You have to make sure that the bike kit fits your situation perfectly. 

There are multiple factors that you need to take into consideration before you invest all your money in the bike kit. An electric bike kit ca

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