Backfire G2T Review – The Best Electric Skateboard In 2021

  • By: Eric Albom
  • Date: July 30, 2021
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In this age of busy everyday life, people are trying to find the quickest mode of transport to get them from one location to another. It’s hard to find a practical and stable vehicle while also being fast. This is where the electric skateboard comes in but the model has its pros and cons. It would be best if you decide with respect to your requirements and the needs you have to fulfill. 

This is the all-rounded backfire g2t review that will explain the skateboard features and their functionality.

backfire g2T review

Backfire G2T Review Highlights


  • Fashionable vintage design
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Storage compartment
  • Rear suspension tires for smooth ride
  • Wide deck to support riders of 13 years and above
  • Front light for easy riding in night time


  • 12 hours initial battery charge time
  • 40 minutes ride time on a single charge

Power and Speed

The first facet of the skateboard that we will look at is the speed of the electric skateboard. The skateboard offers impressive power and speed. The board comes with a 350-watt hub motor that allows the board to run at least 25 miles without interruption. 

For the price offered to the customer, the speed is quite decent. The board also has a turbo mode which you can turn on to improve the acceleration. The board is one of the best in the market, surely due to this reason.

Apart from that, the board also happens to have three different riding modes, which means that the rider can adjust the speed to their skill level or the balance they can maintain. The rider’s abilities may vary from person to person. Make a decision accordingly and without trying too hard to skip any steps. 

The first model we will talk about is the eco mode. This mode allows the rider to cut down the maximum speed to half and then ride, and this lets the rider get used to the board and its functionality. Since the platform is relatively narrow, this beginner mode is advantageous. This mode gives a smooth ride in terms of the brakes and acceleration. 

There will be fewer hurdles to cross, and the rider will feel relaxed and at ease while skating on the board. Apart from that, this model is also quite energy-efficient. You can use this mode to get the hang of things without feeling like the board isn’t for you. Frequently, using the board to travel will use this mode. They need a vehicle that is purely for transport.

The next mode we shall talk about is the standard model. This mode will allow a mileage of about 23 miles which is good enough. The speed is accelerated compared to the eco mode, yet it isn’t frighteningly fast. This mode is for people who want their commute to be swift and versatile. 

The slim nature of the vehicle combined with the speed of this mode allows the rider to get through traffic a lot quicker than usual. This mode is for daily use and works well as easy transportation without fuel and maintenance expenses.

The final mode is the turbo mode. As mentioned before, this is the model that accommodates the maximum mileage that the board is capable of. However, a well-known shortcoming of this mode is that you can’t use it for everyday travel. Since the motor is at its maximum capacity, the chances of it overheating are quite high. 

You get that extra kick that you need for doing tricks or racing. Most people use the electric board for that purpose alone, and this mode works for them. However, it is not a permanent riding mode. You will also need to press a button for that extra kick which isn’t convenient for regular riders. You can’t make the mode permanent, hence the availability of the rest of the methods.

Battery Performance

The next facet of the motor that we will talk about is the battery. For a vehicle that purely runs on its engine, the battery should be high-powered; otherwise, what’s the point. This electric board provides a flurry of about 15 miles on one charge, and this is decent mileage for one charge. However, it is pretty contradictory to the speed of the electric board. 

This board has the 10S2p Samsung 30Q batteries, and this is quite suitable for an electric board of its kind. Another shortcoming of the battery is, if you put the board on turbo mode, you will easily divide the mileage, and it won’t go as far. The top speed will drain the battery’s energy, and you won’t be able to go as far; this has been an issue for people who use the board for regular commute. 

Regardless, you can’t use the turbo mode anyway, so it works fine.

A significant factor in battery drainage is the rider’s weight. If the rider weighs more than 170 pounds, the board’s chances of slowing down are quite high. If the rider weighs less than that, the board will go much faster and cross more distance. The terrain also plays a role in the speed of the board. 

For example, if you are riding the board on flat terrain, you may much farther. The board may also go much faster than running on a rough surface. Buy this board if you live in the city; otherwise, it might not work that well.

This board has a way of preserving its battery. When the battery is at 25%, you will find that it slows down without you doing anything; this is its method of lasting longer and maintaining the quality of the battery. You should keep in mind that the battery might get ruined if it’s overrun or overworked. 

To preserve the battery and its strength, the board will slow down. The best way to make sure that this doesn’t hinder your travels is to charge the panel entirely before using it.

This method is used by most charged devices these days because overworking can ruin your battery. Overworking can become an obstacle in the functionality of any gadget, especially a vehicle. Most people who have used boards similar to this are used to the idea by now, and they charge their devices accordingly.

It can seem like a problem initially, but you will get accustomed to it over time and find that it’s suitable for your board. To retain your batter’s health for a long time, make sure to use the board after charging it completely. It’s only fair.

Apart from that, the charging duration of the battery is about 3 hours or less. The period isn’t that long especially considering you’ll be charging the vehicle at nighttime. The battery will have plenty of time to get its energy back, and the period will be good for its health. This charging time is quite good, keeping in mind the range of the board and the power. 

It is good practice to put the board on charge when you are no longer using it, this will keep the battery up to date and make sure that the board does not give way sooner than it should.

Design and Exterior of the Board

Since it is a vehicle at the end of the day, people often look for exteriors. They pay avid attention to the parts of the vehicle and its design. This board is quite sleek when you first look at it. The slim design and sturdy features make it appealing for people looking abroad. 

This board screams elegance and class regardless of being a vehicle often used by bachelors or people on a budget. It is a decent instrument.

The battery case is situated on the board not to look tacky or unappealing. People often don’t like boards that seem too bulky because a critical element of any board is that it should be compact and easy to store. 

This battery storage placement of the board is beneath it and hidden in a spot that won’t be problematic for the rider while they are traveling. The shape of the deck is quite stylish and attractive. It does not look too worn out or tattered, and the finishing is immaculate.

The structure is also quite durable and such. The motor’s power is not a problem for the board because of the compatibility. You need not worry about the board giving way if it is put under a bit of pressure because the company built it to withstand that particular issue. 

The packaging that the board comes in is reasonably protected and carefully laid to make sure that the board does not get damaged while it’s in shipping. The company has taken avid care that the board can break if treated poorly or shipped improperly.


To expand further on the board’s structure, we will first talk about the deck. The board’s deck has all black grip tape on the surface, and this works best in the rider’s favor because of the maximum friction. The rider will maintain their balance because of the stability from the tape. The technical pieces are situated to make room for an attractive design. 

The deck is made from solid maple to ensure flexibility for any tricks you might want to do. When you are riding the board at turbo mode, the board’s gravity comes into play. 

The center of gravity is lower than the rest of the deck to maintain a level of stability for a beginner or even a long-term user. This structure also makes it easier for riders to use the board to carve. You get a lot of balance simply because of this one manufacturing detail. 

The riders will be able to make wider turns because of this. The grip tape combined with the center of gravity makes this one of the most stable boards on the market.


The tucks are an essential part of any board, and they make sure that the board’s directions are correct. They do this by ensuring that the bearings and wheels are well-attached and would not fall apart or give way, affecting the board’s stability. This board has the Caliber II 50-degree trucks. These trucks provide the rider with excellent response time. 

The trucks allow for a smooth sailing ride because of how they are situated. You can also tighten the kingpin if you want the trucks to be tighter or feel that they are coming loose. The wider turns are smoother because of the 50-degree angle of the trucks.


It should come as no surprise that the wheels are the most crucial part of any electric board or any board for that matter. This board comes with two sets of wheels, and there is the 96 mm set and the 83 mm size. Both these sets have different functions on the functionality of the board. It is quite easy to switch between these two wheels, and the tools required are a part of the package.

The wheels used are made of urethane; this material is ideal for asphalt roads because they provide friction and grip without becoming a problem for the rider.

The 96 mm wheels work towards shock absorption; they are perfect for using the board to travel. The wheels will help counter the bumps and jumps that are common on city roads.

The 83 mm wheels are better for people using the board to practice their tricks; this is because the wheels work better with acceleration. They make the board feel lighter than it already is, which can be useful for carving.

Remote Control

Next, we will talk about the remote control that comes with the board and its functions. You can use the control to switch between the modes and ensure that you have easy access to all the buttons while you are riding. The buttons are soft to the touch, and the rider can press them with relative ease. 

The reverse button is situated at the bottom of the remote control to ensure you do not push it on accident. It can be effortless to do so and is also the root cause of many accidents because of boards.

The board does lack Bluetooth, which is in almost all electric boards. However, this does not affect the rider because everything required to run the board is present within the remote control. Along with an OLED screen that provides easy access to any information you may need regarding the board. 

Any disclaimer about the battery or the motor shows up on this screen; this makes having a Bluetooth installed relatively moot because there isn’t any purpose for it. The OLED screen makes sure that you have a clear view of the information.

Braking System

When you talk about the braking system of an electric board, it is quite essential to have one that functions well. In the backfire g2t review, we shall talk about how smooth the braking system is. The only issue that arises is that it may be a tad jolty when coming to a halt. This can be dangerous for people who aren’t used to the board already. 

The best way to ensure a healthy brake is to turn off the turbo mode if you have it turned on. This way, you will get a smoother stop.


Safety is essential for vehicles like an electric skateboard which is the most exposed piece of transportation that anyone can use. The board comes with a cannon LED light, allowing the rider to use the board in darker conditions or at night time. You should make sure that you have the proper gear to accommodate the board, like your helmet and elbow pads. 

An accident from an electric board can cause considerable damage to the body, so make sure that you do not travel on uneven terrain at night time.

Customer Service

For many, customer service seems to be a crucial part of buying any product. The board is no different in that aspect. A lot of people don’t purchase an item if the representative is not vigilant and alert in the face of dealing with customers.

This company has become a leading one in this specific category and their customer service does have a role to play in that. Any product that you buy from this company can be returned within 7 days of purchase, this is their company policy regarding any faults that may come about in the board.

Along with that, the company also says that they will give the customers a 180-day warranty, this is to recover for any parts that may be defective or not in the right state. The company entertains a refund policy minus shipping fee for any unsatisfied customers. This shows that the company has faith in their product.


This is a comprehensive backfire g2t review. It talks about the shortcomings and the advantageous features of the electric board. You should keep in mind that a decent amount of practice goes into expertly riding a board like this. You shouldn’t be lackluster in your way of gaining experience with the board. 

If you want the board to become your regular mode of transportation, you have to practice a lot and make sure you know all the twists and turns of the board. This is the best you can get on the market at a price.

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