Balega Hidden Comfort Socks Review

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  • Date: October 11, 2021
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The company designed the Balega socks to aid people with their running. It is structured so that you need not worry about your foot becoming sore because you were running for too long. It is a piece of equipment that you should incorporate into your workout gear to retain the exterior of your feet.

The Balega sock has certain features that make sure your feet remain as protected and secure as possible. Thereby, Balega socks are a good investment and worth the value of money. You can wear it all the time regardless of the reason.

The socks aren’t only functional when doing some form of exercise, there are many uses for them.

Price and Value for Money

We shall talk about the price of the socks first. Buying these socks isn’t much of an investment.

The socks aren’t ideal for running or doing exercise, but the comfort level provided makes them perfect for just lounging around the house and not doing anything. You can wear socks if the weather is a little chilly and want to be toasty and warm in bed.

You may also buy the socks if you want some weight on your feet. The socks will give you that weight you require when you feel pain within your feet. These socks are also perfect for people with sore feet who walk around a lot.

You may even use the socks when you want a comforting encasing for your feet while on a bike ride. Bike riders tend to be straining to the feet because most of the movement is through your feet. The socks will ensure that your feet do not get blisters because of the shoes.

Blisters are widespread for people when they are running or doing any activity that could lead them to sweat. Your feet become prone to getting rashes. You can prevent that by wearing these socks.

The versatility of the socks makes sure that you are getting your money’s worth. The socks can be used on many occasions, making them very useful. Furthermore, it ensures that you do not need to spend a lot on future socks.

This can be especially important if you are on a tight budget and even socks begin to feel like a luxury.

The best thing about the socks is that they aren’t a specific fit. Almost everyone with an average foot size can buy them without worrying about the size. They’re a good pair of socks for the price, and people use them during many activities.


The next facet we should talk about is the comfort level, and it’s pretty evident that the socks are comfortable and suitable for different feet. The elasticity of the socks is enough to fit them in various sizes, but it isn’t so much that the feet might feel restricted or may begin to lack mobility in any way. These socks are excellent for people who might have to keep them on for more extended periods.

There is a certain level of perforation that comes with the socks, which ensures breathability and does not make your feet overtly sweaty.

The sock fabric is light polyester, which makes the socks exceptionally lightweight and breathable. People who have worn this sock have felt that there wasn’t anything on their feet. That is how light and breathable the material of the socks is.

There isn’t excessive tightening of the sock around your feet because tight socks can leave your feet in discomfort and a restricted environment. This is not ideal when using your feet to run or exercise. These socks are suitable for situations where you don’t need a lot of tightness.

Apart from that, the socks are also quite shapely. Just because it does not restrict your foot does not mean that it isn’t a perfect fit. The elasticity of the socks makes it so that the sock fits like a glove on your foot.

It provides the security and stability required when running or performing a particular exercise of sorts. You can even wear socks while riding a bike, as mentioned before.

The fabric present within the sole and directly in contact with your feet is soft and comfortable. It isn’t rigid or rough on the sole of your foot, and you are not risking blisters while wearing these socks. This smoothness is because of the fabric of the socks.

The socks are not only feather-light, but at the same time, it is feather-soft; this makes sure that your feet are comfortable working out or running.


A lot of the comfort can be accredited to the sock’s padding. However, there have been specific complaints when it comes to the padding. People have said that the padding may be a little too excessive and unnecessary. The company added padding to areas that did not precisely require any padding to make the socks feel luxurious.

For example, the arch of the sole requires fabric that is breathable and light. Too much coverage around that area can be the cause of hindrance during the person’s activities.

The company has also left a large area around the heel exposed and sans padding; this makes the feet more prone to getting hurt. The area above the heel is fragile and has tighter and thinner skin. It is also gets rubbed against the back of the shoe the most; this can cause blisters to form.

However, the critical thing to consider is that the sock isn’t entirely useless in its padding. There is an area on top of the foot that has been heavily protected because of the padding. The toes can easily get fractured, pretty prone to injury. The padding on the top may be able to prevent that from happening.

The padding is relatively lackluster, and there isn’t much thought put into it. Regardless, it may be dumb luck, but the positioning of the padding isn’t entirely useless and can be the reason for protecting the feet.

The Fit of the Sock

Next, we shall talk about the sock’s fit and what it is worth. Unlike the sock’s padding, it seems as if the fit of the socks has been thought out and structured. The fit lacks that element of haphazardness that is the case with the sock’s padding.

It would be best if you kept in mind that the socks aren’t supernatural, and it isn’t magic that makes them fit each foot. Instead, it is the padding. The padding is doing the job for another area than what is required of it.

For starters, the socks are pretty easy to put on, and once they are gone, they are quite a good fit for your feet because of the thickness around the exterior of the sole. Apart from that, there isn’t much to the fit. They fit like an average sock, and at the end of the day, the sock is a simple piece of cloth shaped to encase your feet in the best and most sturdy manner.

This also makes the socks excellent for running. The fit of the socks keeps the foot in place and prevents the foot from slipping or cramping too quickly. When a person is running, the chances are that they might twist their ankle or do something to their foot that could be fairly damaging. The socks are an excellent way to protect your feet in a situation like that.

The sock’s fit is also affected by the fabric used to make them. The material makes it so that it becomes easy for the person to slip on the sock, regardless of the slightly restricted nature of the sock.

Furthermore, the tab on top of the socks holds the socks up over the shoe and restricts fabric mobility. This tab can be helpful if the sock is slightly loose on your feet. The tab can also help to protect the back of your heel from blistering easily. Since the fabric is soft, the chances of it damaging your feet are slim to none.

However, there have been specific complaints in terms of the sock’s fit and the versatility that the company claims it has.

People have complained that these socks are not good in terms of the support that it is supposed to provide. There is an elastic around the ankle, but that is as far as the support goes. The elastic is present to hold up the sock towards the ankle and keep it there.

However, people have said that the elastic does not control the sock in place, and that is where the tab comes in and becomes responsible for holding the sock in place. The sock is also low cut which can add to shifting within the shoe.

It is essential to discuss the elastic a little further. The issue with the elastic is that it becomes pretty flaccid. For starters, this is fine, as long as the shoe you are wearing has a lower top than the sock. The tab will hold the sock in its place. However, as soon as you wear a shoe with a top higher than that of the sock, the chances of the elastic becoming flaccid and bunching around the foot become higher.

The elasticity makes the socks less ideal for an activity like running.

The lack of rigidity shows that the fit of the sick isn’t the best in the market. However, if you are not a professional, rather a layman, and you are simply looking for a viable addition to your gear, these socks will work quite well without giving way. That too, for an extended period.

You may be able to use these socks while going out for a run or doing any physical activity as a part of your routine and not training. These socks might not work well for people trying to look for high-quality gear to help them with their training.


Next, we shall talk about how long the socks will last for you. The fabric is polyester known to retain its structure and shape for an extended period over the years. The same is with this pair of socks. The mix of the fabrics used to manufacture these socks makes sure that the socks are soft to the touch.

Moreover, at the same time, the material makes sure of the socks’ durability. These socks are suitable for the money and do not give way too quickly.

However, if you compare the durability of these socks to others on the market, they are not as sturdy as their counterparts from other companies. For starters, people have experienced that once they started running and putting actual wait on the socks, the padding began to compress and reduce. The compression leads to the socks thinning out and losing their shape.

Other people have also claimed that the socks are not reliable in the long run. They are workable for an average workout but are not ideal if you plan on going above and beyond with your training.

As mentioned before, these socks are not suitable for training people. The socks are for the average Joe who needs a decent pair going out on his everyday run. There are many versatilities in the size and the fabric that makes the socks viable for an average person during their workout.

Another aspect of the socks that were quite angering to the people is that they did not hold up to durability claims regarding the fabric used. The polyester was bound to be long-term and smooth. However, there were complaints that after a few washes, the socks began to develop pills on the surface.

The pills do not mean that the socks weren’t usable anymore, but it does affect the look of the socks. They do not look as clean and clear-cut after losing their original texture, which became the case with these socks.

People have said that these socks can last a while. There have been minimal complaints regarding holes within the socks. The material seems too thick enough to not give way to holes. However, the long-lasting nature of the material is still relatively unknown.

Slip Prevention

An essential aspect of all running socks is that they should prevent the runner from slipping within their shoes, which is the leading cause of ankles twisting. When it comes to the Balega socks, there are certain shortcomings in terms of slipping. People have complained that the surface of the bottom is not as slip preventive as it claims to be.

There have been occasions where people have fallen because of the socks and lack of friction on the sole. The foot is also prone to slipping within the sock, which has proven to be quite dangerous for a runner or anyone working out.

The slickness of the socks combined with the relatively thin fabric leads to the socks being declared not as slip preventive.

Along with that, the loose nature of the sock also plays into it being slippery and such. The fact that it is loose from the heel causes it to slip from the back. This can lead to the person getting caught on the sock and even tripping—the lack of the elastic causes more problems than meet the eye.


Finally, we shall talk about the element of breathability that comes with socks. The fact that the padding is all over the surface unnecessarily makes breathing very difficult. The thickness of the materials used does not bode well for breathability.

Perforation and breathable fabric are crucial for working out because it prevents their feet from getting sore or smelling bad after the workout. However, there isn’t much that the sock helps within that aspect.

There is a specific experiment that some curious minds did to test the nature of the sock. After 15 minutes of drying time for the foot, the socks remained quite damp and sweaty, and this made the runners uncomfortable and reluctant to use the sock any longer. After the 15 minutes time slot, people have also tested the sock for over an hour.

However, the thick materials were not giving way for the socks to dry up and become comfortable. The dampness puts customers off, and they did not want to look at the positive aspects of the socks. However, it is essential to under that Balega socks are average socks at the end of the day.

There is no unique technology used to improve them. They are just slightly more advanced than the regular socks, but that isn’t enough to make them perfect.


To conclude, the Balega socks aren’t the perfect socks, but they are suitable for money. It is better not to go in with too many expectations. Just keep your regular socks in mind and consider these a level-up. You won’t be disappointed. However, you have to keep in mind that these are good quality socks for people looking for socks to go on a run regularly.

They do live up to their requirements.

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