Top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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  • Date: July 8, 2021
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The full face motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth are the best choice as they allow you to do several things while you are on a ride. You can easily make phone calls, reject calls, answer calls, use voice commands, listen to music, and several other things just by pressing a button. This is the best thing you can go for as hands-free communication is a must on a motorcycle.

So for your ease, here are some of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets you can buy.

Are you looking for full-face motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth?  Then here is that product you need.

This helmet has an advanced lightweight polycarbonate composite shell that offers full protection while riding.

It has an advanced channeling ventilation system, which allows you to move air through the helmet and extract heat and humidity from your lid with the help of moisture-wicking internal material. This helps to keep you dry so you can ride comfortably for a longer time.

It has an aerodynamic shell shape made using advanced CAD technology, which reduces turbulence.

This product consists of an impact-absorbing, multi-density EPS liner, which reduces the amount of energy transferred to your head during an impact.

It possesses glasses grooves that accommodate different styles of eyeglasses frames.

This product has full front to back air channels, which helps to evacuate heat and humidity.

It has a chin bar and side venturi that exhaust vents flow air along with the face shield and mitigate fog.

This helmet contains crown and cheek pads, which are removable and washable.

It consists of a three-dimensional face shield, which offers 95% protection from UV light and has a D-ring chin strap closure.

It uses a Rapid-fire™ shield replacement system that allows for quick, secure, and tool-less shield removal and installation.

This helmet has an HJ-31 Pin lock-prepared face shield having an insert lens that you need to buy additionally.

Its main feature is SMART HJC 10B or 20B Bluetooth communicators.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Snell certified
  • It consists of glasses grooves


  • Slightly small size

This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is the most technological helmet with advanced features.

It has integration with the SENA DWO-5 Bluetooth system that can sync with any Bluetooth-enabled device. It allows smartphone music sharing through Bluetooth stereo headset.

This Bluetooth provides up to 8 hour talk time with 7-day stand-by-time.

This helmet has quality metallic paint with double lacquer or a flat matte finish.

It is composed of a Hi-Tech injection molded polycarbonate shell, which offers full protection.

This helmet consists of an internal clear drop-down locking sun shield, which can be released quickly when required.

It has chin-mounted airflow ventilation with an open or close function.

This possesses a fully removable lining with a chin deflector and double D-ring used for fastening safety purposes like personal fall arrest, restraint, suspension, or work positioning.

It also has the installation of firmware and device setting updates.

This helps in connecting the phone over Bluetooth and allows you to hear GPS directions, listen to music, and make phone calls. In this way, you will be able to have an intercom conversation with other Sena users.

This product is merely DOT approved.


  • Great Sena Bluetooth system
  • Installation of firmware and device setting updates
  • Contain clear drop-down locking sun shield


    • Noisy at high speed and in a windy area

This helmet is light weighted and can occur in 3 shell sizes XS-SM, MD-LG, XL-3XL.

It is made with the help of High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology.

It is composed of an aerodynamic shell that offers fully adjustable vents with passages through the inner liner and allows dynamic flow through the ventilation, which creates a constant flow of air and keeps you cool.

This product contains an impact-absorbing, multi-density EPS liner, which reduces the amount of energy transferred to your head during an impact.

It is composed of a quick release chin strap which can be removed faster when needed in any condition and offers a secure fit.

This helmet contains a UV-resistant shield that can easily change without any need for tools.

It comes with chin curtains that help keep dirt, cold air, or bugs from going up past your chin and into your visor area.

This helmet also has a breath deflector, which helps to eliminate fogging of your visor.

In this helmet, a Magna-tech neck roll is designed to seal well for keeping wind noise to a minimum.

Its main feature is hypoallergenic, removable, washable, and breathable comfort padding.

This rapid helmet is DOT and ECE 22.05 approved.



  • Contains breath deflector
  • Well-designed neck roll
  • Possessed EPS liner


  • Due to the chin curtain, it feels hot and harder to breath

It is a modular motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth, having a metal locking mechanism with Nexx X-Vilitur features.

This helmet comprises an aerodynamic 100% carbon fiber shell, which offers full protection to the rider.

It is available in 3 shell sizes 2XS-SM, MD-LG, XL-3XL, and possesses a super locker 0f 360º dual pivot system to secure chin bar locking.

It is found with a pink lock-ready face shield (insert sold separately) and is anti-scratch and made optically correct.

This helmet contains an X-SWIFT quick-release visor mechanism, and removing or changing the visor is extremely simple. This helps in the expulsion of hot air and the admission of fresh air.

It has a panoramic eye-port, which are night-vision goggles and provided for better vision in sunlight.

It consists of an internal sun visor, which allows protection from UV light.

A complete ventilation system comes with 2 intake and 2 exhaust vents.

Morfofit ergonomic cheek pads are present that are fit for glasses wearers.

It contains one piece of neck roll, which offers impact absorption.

It is composed of X MART DRY fabric liners, which are removable and washable moisture-wicking material that extracts moisture from the skin and helps keep you dry and comfortable. 

Adjustable chin curtains and removable breath guards are present, which provide a protective barrier against dust or airborne germs.

It also has a micro-ratchet stainless steel chin strap, which is for safety purposes.

Two action camera brackets are also included to set up cameras on the helmet’s side or top.

Double rubber seals are present at the chin bar and the face shield for extra safety.

Vortex generators are provided at the chin area for the improvement of aerodynamics and help to reduce buffeting.

This helmet is DOT and ECE approved.


  • Contains X SWIFT visor mechanism
  • Possess removable breath guards and adjustable chin curtain
  • Provided with 2 action camera brackets


  • Comfort issues

This helmet is lightweight and has a hand-laid-full carbon shell, which provides a unique look.

It features optimized shell resin distribution for weight reduction.

The helmet is made with the help of koroyd technology that develops products with an ultralight feel and exceptional styling.

It is provided with pin lock- ready polycarbonate anti-scratch face shield, which protects from 99% of harmful UV rays.

A transition photochromic lens is present that automatically darkens in the sunlight and allows you to manage the sun without having to exchange face shields.

It has a quick-release visor or shield system, which requires a simple 90-degree quarter-turn to unlock or lock.

The use of an aerodynamic visor and spoiler in this helmet allows to stabilize and put the rider’s head at ease and comfortable.

Refined aerodynamics with a full ventilation system allows passage of air to pass onto the head.

It equips with klimatek liner systems that utilize adaptive smart foam technology and anti-microbial or anti-bacterial fast-wicking textiles, which absorb moisture or heat from the skin and keeps you dry while riding.

It contains a fully adjustable chin for extra protection with forehead vents.

It has klim radius goggles for better vision.

Fid-lock strap closure is present for safety purposes and easy to use for fastening actions.

Sena 10U compatible communication system is in this helmet that is available separated from the pack.

This product meets or exceeds the ECE and DOT standards.


  • Contains transition photochromic lens
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Possess klimatek liner system


  • Not found yet

The Nexx X.WST2 helmet contains a lightweight X-Matrix shell, which is composed of multiaxial fiberglass, organic 3D fibers in Aramid reinforcements, and carbon fiber. This helps as a full protective cover.

Shell coordinates with a spoiler that helps to eliminate upward lift and reduces drag. In this way, it reduces fatigue over time and is a great option to keep you on the road,

This product is available in 3 shell sizes XS-SM, MD-LG, XL-3XL.

It has a wide panoramic field, which helps to manage the sun and gives a better vision.

It contains a unique air dynamic system with two air intakes and four outputs that help in the airflow and keep you cool while riding.

It equips with a removable and washable CoolMax liner and 3D cheek pads, which are anti-allergic and help to wick away the sweat from the skin or head.

It possesses chin curtains and a removable breath guard that provide a protective barrier against dirt or airborne germs.

Micrometer chin strap closure is present for safety purposes.

It possesses an X-Swift Lexan face shield, an internal drop-down sun shield with an 80% tint having a tool-less Block ‘N’ Seal quick-change system that allows a rapid exchange or removal of face shields.

This product is ECE 22-05, and DOT approved.


  • It contains a wide panoramic field
  • Provided with chin curtains and breath guard
  • Drop-down sun shield with tool-less quick-change system


  • Due to chin curtains, it sometimes feels hot and harder to breathe

This product features wind tunnel optimized aerodynamics and high-efficiency ventilation channels, which provide complete ventilation and keep you cool.

It consists of a unique feature, an aerodynamic optical class 1 face shield with pin lock anti-fog lens system created from moisture absorbing plastic and resist fog buildup in a visor. This pin lock system features half max vision technology.

Further, This pin lock face shield has integration with an internal sun shield that offers protection from UV rays or sunlight.

It is provided with optimized aeroacoustics, which deals with the production of noise by vehicle.

Merely one shell size is available in this helmet category. And this helmet fits comfortably on the head.

This product contains high-quality allergen-free, an anti-bacterial liner that is fully removable and washable and allows absorption of moisture.

It also includes a visor peak for multiple configurations.

This helmet is lightweight with proper noise management.

It has a pre-installed microphone and speakers for the snap-in SCIM system. However, that is available to get separately.


  • Pin lock shield system
  • Possess optimized aeroacoustics
  • Visor peak


  • Contain no chin strap, chin curtain, or breath guard

It is a modular motorcycle helmet with a more modern look than the original valiant.

The valiant two shells are constructed from LS2’s kinetic polymer alloy, a lightweight, strong composite material that offers full protection.

This helmet is available in 2 shell sizes.

An interior comfort liner present is removable and washable and uses a high-tech fiber that allows to wick the moisture and dries quickly.

It has comfort pads that are ‘Thermo-Formed’ and offers improved breathability. They are pre-curved using LS2’s 3D laser technology for all-day comfort and allows no hot spots.

It has a full ventilation system due to the presence of multiple intake and exhaust ports.

This product contains a chin bar integrated with a full metal latch, which will stay locked when closed. This LS2 exclusive design is able to keep the chin bar safely in place at the back of the helmet when it is in the open position.

Pin lock face shield has a pin lock insert called anti-scratch or anti-fog along with a drop-down sun shield that offers protection from harmful UV rays.

This helmet is only DOT approved.


  • Pin lock system
  • Contains chin bar
  • Full ventilation system
  • Lightweight, comfortable and fit


  • Having no optimized aeroacoustics

This helmet is made with high resistant thermoplastic resin shell construction, which provides a unique style and appealing look to the helmet.

It is available in 2 shell sizes. It contains a wind tunnel that provides a designed and optimized ventilation system.

It comes in 4 EPS sizes, which are optimized using the (Finite Elements Analysis) system, which reduces the amount of energy transferred to your head during an impact.

The drop-down sun visor is integrated with an X-tra quick release system for tool-free removal and replacement of the face shield in seconds.

Face shield mechanism is present, which features PVS (Perimetrical Visor Seal) for improved seal and allows protection against drafts and wind noise.

It has a GT2 scratch-resistant, anti-fog polycarbonate sun visor, which offers 100% protection from UV rays.

A GT2 face shield is made with improved peripheral vision due to a specially-shaped profile of the aperture responsible for night or low-light vision.

This helmet consists of a removable breath deflector, which allows protection from dust and airborne germs.

It has a removable windproof chin strap along with a double D-ring, which offers a safety purpose.

This product possesses a fully removable and washable 3D inner liner and cheek pads, which are sanitized and made from Dry-comfort fabrics.

This helmet is DOT approved.


  • Optimized ventilation system
  • Consists of removable breathe deflector
  • It possesses GT2 scratch-resistant, anti-fog polycarbonate sun visor


  • Face shield doesn’t have pin lock pins

This helmet equips a 180-degree flip-front modular design, which can be used as a full-face helmet while riding and can easily flip the chin bar back when required.

This flip-front design makes this helmet unique from others and considers to be the lightest and smallest helmet of its kind.

It is found in 2 shell sizes: XS-XL, 2XL-3XL, and has the best quality material. Its material is kinetic polymer alloy for shell construction that provides full protection to the rider.

It incorporates a multi-density EPS liner that reduces the amount of energy transferred to your head during an impact.

It contains a scratch and UV-resistant face shield along with a built-in twin shield system.

It possesses a chin curtain for protection from wind or dust and a steel-quick release chin strap, which allows the removal of the chin strap rapidly and offers safety purposes.

Laser-cut cheek pads and neck rolls are also present in this helmet to ensure an optimal fit.

It has a complete dynamic ventilation system, which creates a constant flow of air.

This helmet has the versatility of choosing between a full-face or ¾ open face helmet.

It has LRP 3 Bluetooth headset by SENA, which is sold separately.

This product is DOT approved.


  • The versatility of choosing a helmet
  • 180-degree flip front modular design


  • The helmet doesn’t include the pin lock pin in the face shield

Buying Guide – Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth:

Being out while riding a motorcycle alongside communication with other riders is surely challenging and dangerous. Also, while traveling across the country, the risk gets multiplied as you don’t know where you are moving, hazards on the way, traffic or terrain terms, etc. In this regard, getting a Bluetooth helmet is a perfect option.

For your ease, here is a detailed buying guide that can help you choose the one best for you.

· Design:

That’s obvious that over the years, Bluetooth technology has evolved a lot. Actually, it is a system that makes it quite safe for you to ride alone. Several helmets come with top of the line ride safety, and all praise is to the additional thick liners and tough visors. Consider getting a helmet model that is ECE and DOT certified. It will be a great peace of mind as it has already gone through safety testing.

· Bluetooth:

Check on the Bluetooth options as it would become greater having a lot of features and options. There are also some important terms you should know while buying helmets that are integrated Bluetooth and Bluetooth ready.

The integrated Bluetooth helmet means your helmet has Bluetooth already installed in it. This is actually a Bluetooth communication system. This is quite easy to use. However, its price tag is much bigger than you expect.

Alongside the helmets that are Bluetooth ready are the simple casual helmets that have extra space for you to install a Bluetooth system within. This is a great choice for the people who already got a Bluetooth headset and needed a helmet to install for convenience.

· Navigation:

GPS navigation is essential when you are in any new place. This will be a great help to know exactly about where to turn, where to stop and where to exit from just with a straight look at your phone. However, not all helmets come with this feature. So if it’s really important for you, make sure to get the one with navigation options.

· Safety:

Safety is always a priority besides all the additional helmet features. Before buying, check the safety certifications of the model and its durability ratings. The best model is the one that is certified by ECE and DOT.

Frequently Asked Questions:


The best full face motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth is the one that assures you full safety with voice commands, intuitive controls and comes certified. The more the features you get for your helmet, the more it is worthier to you. In this regard, our helmet guide can help you get the one best suitable for you.

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