Best Electric Trike for Adults in 2021

  • By: Eric Albom
  • Date: July 29, 2021
  • Time to read: 13 min.

There are numerous people who face balancing problems or simply are not comfortable riding a bicycle. The best option for them is to ride trikes which are comparatively much easier to balance. With the help of three tires, it is quite easy for both children and adults to balance it. There are various different kinds of trikes or tricycles available in the market including electric tricycle for adults and children.

One of the key features of these trikes is that they are usually equipped with a basket on them. It simply makes transportation much more convenient for adults, either for work or grocery shopping. When you start looking for electric tricycles for adults you will come across tons of options to choose from.

It is always better to buy the one that fulfills your requirements in terms of features and quality. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best trikes for adults in 2021, it will definitely help you out in choosing the best for you.

Some Of The Best Electric Tricycle for Adults

  1. CXSYAN Electric Tricycle
  2. Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike
  3. Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle
  4. E-Wheels EW-20 Long Range High Speed Mobility Scooter
  5. E-Wheels – EW-11 Sport Euro Type Scooter – 3-Wheel – Blue/White Scooter for Adults

Let’s begin with one of the best trikes that are currently available in the market. CXSYAN Electric Tricycle is in high demand due to its various useful features. Some of its key features include an LCD screen display, LED guiding signal lights, GPS, USB charging ports, and many others.

If you talk about speed then this electric tricycle for adults is capable to travel at a speed of 30 km per hour. CXSYAN Electric Tricycle is also equipped with specially designed wheels for electric vehicles.

Moreover, this electric trike comes with 18650 imported battery cells. These automotive-grade power lithium batteries provide strong and stable output.


  • It is a three-seater electric tricycle. These three seats are quite useful for parents as kids can easily accompany a parent on this electric trike
  • It has anit-slip and wear resistant tires to keep the trike from skidding.
  • This trike has an adjustable seat for your comfort


  • This electric trike might not be an ideal choice for the younger generation and teenagers as it doesn’t offer a sporty or very modern look
  • It is rather designed to offer a safe and comfortable ride for adults who are looking for compact and convenient transportation options

This electric tricycle for adults and teenagers has a perfect combination of durable plastic, steel, and rubber materials. Razor is a well-known brand in producing some of the best three-wheelers, and this is one of them.

This sleek-looking electric trike for adults is for those who are looking for a drift trike. The cutting edge electric tricycle is for all those sports lovers who are a fan of a little thrilling ride. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 500-watt high torque motor for a smooth ride.

This electric tricycle is an ultimate favorite of a lot of young adults because of its sporty look and high quality features. Other unique features of this electric trike include an adjustable bucket seat, twist grip throttle, adjustable footpads. So it has different adjustable features which make it convenient to use for a larger number of adults.


  • It has a heavy duty 16” front tire and two 10” back tires, both are designed to last long
  • With efficient speed bearings and steel rims, the entire assembling offers the rider maximum comfort and safety while riding this one of the best electric trikes for adults


  • On a single charge, this electric tricycle runs for an hour. Considering the fact that a lot of young adults who like to roam around on for long hours might not find its battery duration quite feasible
  • It would be really nice if this electric tricycle for adults fulfilled the requirement of longer battery duration
  • Its seating might be uncomfortable for little elder adults. It has a low seating and higher grip for the handles more like Honda fury motorbikes

E-Wheels EW-20 is another compact yet highly efficient means of transportation. For all those people who are looking for an electric tricycle for adults, this one is for you.

With a speed of up to 15 mph, it allows you to travel easily even on a little longer distances. So no more travelling with discomfort or amid stuffed space and have the best traveling experience with E-Wheels EW-20 Long Range High Speed Mobility Scooter.

Furthermore, it equipped with durable parts plus it comes with a 3 years’ company warranty isn’t that amazing? It is also equipped with a front LED light to give a better view at night. Two rear lights come quite handy for indicating turns and brakes. So don’t worry about a boring journey now because this scooter has got you covered!


  • It is available in two different colors red and black. This is a plus point for buyers, as they get to choose a trike of their personal choice of color
  • Red definitely makes it stand out in the crowd whereas, black is for those who like to keep it sober and elegant
  • You get to have a comfortable ride on this tricycle for adults as it has a large swivel seat with a comfortable back rest


  • It has been noticed that this electric tricycle is not very good at providing stability during the ride. In terms of its high seating and steering, it doesn’t feel very much stable at times
  • This is factor definitely not favors E-Wheels EW-20, as a lot of people might not opt for an unstable ride

Here is another highly useful electric trike by E-Wheels. This scooter cum trike has a maximum speed of up to 12 mph. Plus the mile range of E-Wheels – EW-11 Sport Euro Type Scooter is 40 on just a single charge.

This one is also available in two different color variants, Red and White. One of the prominent features of this electric trike for adults is its superb done finish and fit. Apart from a traditional basket in the front, it is also having a rear storage compartment. It is removable, depending on your personal preference.


  • The anti-theft alarm system of this electric trike is of great use. You can easily turn on and off this anti-theft alarm with the help of a remote
  • It is safe because of it alarm feature. Thus, is definitely quite useful for those who are concerned about the safety of their trike while parked somewhere


  • It comes with a limited warranty, so you might need to fix few things on your own or with the help of a technician nearby you
  • The labor is not covered in the warranty so the company will provide this

Important Points to Keep in Mind Before Buying an Electric Trike

It is very important to spend your hard earned money on an electric trike which is worthy of it. It must fulfill all those requirements of quality and features that you are looking for. Especially when you are buying an electric tricycle for adults then there should be no compromise on its durability and readability.

Here are few points that you should consider before making a purchase of electric tricycles for adults.

Some of the important point includes the location it is supposed to ride in, size of battery, mobility, and size of the battery. Other points include the information if the trike can be folded or not, along with size of the motor, safety, speed, comfort, convenience, stability, and the presence of a display screen. This article deeply describes all the essentials. 

Place Where It Is Going to Be Ridden

It is a very crucial and important thing to be aware of before choosing an electric tricycle for purchase. Different tricycles are for different roads. Hence you have to be sure about the material and other riding features such as tires’ grip, design, and seating.

It is possible that you might buy an electric tricycle which is not suitable or simply not safe to ride on the roads that you are going to ride it. In addition to that, we suggest you to check the law and restrictions in your area regarding electric tricycles.

In most of the cases, there is an age limit for riding an electric tricycle on road. So it advised to be aware of the minimum age limit factor as well. You might need a license for riding an electric tricycle.

There are lot things to consider before you buy a trike. The size of the battery is another one of the aspect you should look into. Let us take you into the details.

Size of Battery

The more charge the better it is. In other words, it is always better to opt for an electric tricycle for adults which has a bigger battery. That bigger will enable your tricycle to go for longer rides without running out of battery mid-way.

You can easily check or just ask the seller regarding the battery capacities of electric tricycles that you are interested to buy. Battery stores energy, that stored energy is usually known as watt-hours. We suggest you go for a higher amp battery because it is better than a lower amp battery.


Electric trikes for adults provide easy mobility. The purpose of these electric tricycles is to let you get on and get off easily without making a lot of effort. Plus, the ride of electric tricycle has to be convenient for a lot of people.

In that case, you have to consider the step through the factor of an electric trike as well while buying it. If you have an issue in lifting your legs high while getting on an electric trike, then you should opt for an electric trike that has a lower step through.

Otherwise, you will be required to lift your legs higher if you buy an electric tricycle with a higher step through. This might not be comfortable for all those who have mobility issues. Thence it is recommended to not compromise convenient mobility while choosing an electric tricycle for adults.

Foldable or Non Foldable

In a lot of cases, people don’t usually ride their electric trikes from home. They might need to get into another ride with their electric trikes to travel to a specific point. From that point, they ride on their electric trikes to reach their destination.

The same process for getting back home with electric trikes makes it compulsory for you to buy a foldable electric tricycle for adults. As compare to rigid frame e-trikes, foldable ones are much more convenient to travel with. They can easily fit on the back of another vehicle without occupying a lot of space or energy to carry them from one stop to another.

Although carrying foldable electric tricycles occupy less space, plus they can be easily transported but that doesn’t mean they are light weighted. Foldable electric trikes for adults are not necessarily lighter than the ones with the right frames.

Hence you have to be ready to use an extra set of hands if you are transporting them from one point to another with a help of another vehicle.

Size of Motor

This is one of those factors which you simply cannot avoid while choosing the best electric trikes for adults. A good battery and a good motor is an ideal combination for having a smooth ride on an electric trike. So you simply cannot avoid the importance of these two elements while looking for the best electric trikes in the market.

Motor size also plays a vital role in providing a better ride on places where the surface or roads are not that smooth. In places where the roads are well paved, a comparatively smaller motor works really well.

On the other hand, you will definitely require an electric trike with a larger motor if you are going to ride it in hilly places.

A 500-watt motor is usually enough for letting an electric trike climb on a slightly hilly or inclining place. Furthermore, it is recommended to consider the laws and restrictions which are defined for the size of motors or batteries of electric trikes in your country.

For safety purposes there a safety regulations required to be followed regarding the maximum size of motors allowed.


Electric tricycles generally do not offer very high-speed rides but there few trikes which provide reasonable speed. The speed feature also varies from trike to trike, so you should choose the one with the most suitable speed.

Everyone has a preference in terms of speed. Some people don’t really care about the speed of an electric tricycle as far as it offers a fair speed. There are also people for whom the speed factor of an electric trike does matter.

Thus you should check different trikes of different speed limits before making the final buying decision. The good thing about it is it has got a large expanse of range in its series.

Display Screen

In most of the recent electric tricycles for adults, you can find LCD displays. These displays come quite handy for navigation purposes especially for seniors and adults who are unaware of certain routes.

Moreover, in most cases, display screens provide all the necessary information about your electric tricycle that you need to know during the ride. How much battery is left, how much distance is covered, speed of tricycle? You can check these details on their screens.

These display features are entirely dependent on personal preferences and the type of electric trike that you have.

Difference Between Trikes & Bikes

A number of people are still not familiar with electric trikes and what makes them different from widely used electric bikes. Well first of all let’s clarify that these three wheeler tricycles are not just for kids, they are equally or perhaps more popular among adults.

If you are planning to buy an electric trike but still not sure whether it is for you or not, then just go through the points that we are going to elaborate on below. Once you know about the key features of an electric tricycle for adults it will be easy to make the buying decision.

Here we are going to mention few things about electric trikes and what makes them different from bikes.


The best electric trikes for adults have very comfortable seats. It is all about comfort. They offer you more space to sit as compared to bikes. In addition to that, most of the electric tricycles for adults have backrests with seats to provide you with extra comfort during the ride. So what else could you possibility ask for?

People might feel lower back pressure while riding a two wheeler bike. You can easily save yourself from that pressure by riding an electric trike for adults. This way you cannot just save your back from turmoil, but also have a more enjoyable ride.


There are safety concerns regarding both trikes and bikes. Bikes being high speed vehicles, have a risk of causing unsafe rides. And mostly it is the bikes that are the cause and victim of road accidents. Whereas, the first concern about trikes is that they are slightly lower to the ground as compared to bikes. It makes them a little less visible for drivers driving cars or other vehicles.

Hence, this becomes an even more dangerous a possibility. Some people might straight up avoid it because of such a hazardous safety issue. But, we have a solution to every issue.

To avoid this, issue a lot of trike riders started to mount tall flags made of fiberglass. This helps in making those electric trikes more visible to drivers. So, most accidents are avoided when the drivers sight the flag well before the bike.


Normally, young or adults ride bikes because they are physically fit as it requires a lot of mobility. On the other hand, anyone can ride an electric tricycle for adults whether they are physically fit or have mobility issues. It is for everyone and anyone regardless upon their decreasing health or physical capabilities.

People from different age groups can easily ride an electric trike. It is an ideal means of transportation for seniors as well. Without facing any problem at getting on and off the trike, adults and seniors can easily comment from one place to another. So this generalized mode of transport is not limited to any specifications. Hence, it is all the more popular and adored.


One of the key factors which makes an electric trike different from a bike is the stability of three wheeler electric tricycles for adults. Maintaining balance is quite a challenge on a bike whereas, trikes are easy to balance. So you can trust even your father or his father on the vehicle without being anxious.

It makes you stay gripped on the bike even if you lose stability. And it was a two wheeler, otherwise would be the case because it is usually the bike losing balance.

If someone loses the balance of two wheeler bikes, it becomes very difficult to avoid tripping. Electric tricycles can save you from tripping as they are quite stable with the help of their three wheels.

Once your start riding on a stable three wheels, you feel more at ease and protected while riding a trike. And after the experience of a trustee three-wheeler, it is unlikely you would ever want to go back to a two-wheeler again.

Final Thoughts:

To conclude this detailed article about some of the best trikes for adults in 2021, and the factors to bring under consideration before buying a trike. It is evident that although there are a number of choices for buying electric tricycle for adults.

At the same time, it is also quite clear that it entirely depends on the personal preference and choice of the person who is going to ride the electric tricycle. Different features of electric trike make it an affordable, compact, and convenient means of transportation. It is indeed an ideal way to commute for not just adults and seniors as well.

Electric tricycles for adults are one of the most useful inventions. They make it easier to travel from work to home, going for grocery shopping, visiting friends nearby. It is all possible without facing the hassle of public transportation if you have an electric tricycle for adults.

Without worrying about balancing and stability; you can easily travel on smoothly paved roads or even slightly inclined surfaces as well. We hope this article provided you with the names of some of the best electric tricycles. Plus there are the most prominent and hidden features, so you can decide easily.

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