13 Best Skateboards for Beginners – A Thorough Guide to Buy Best Skateboards

  • By: Eric Albom
  • Date: July 30, 2021
  • Time to read: 19 min.

It is about rolling over the splashes of water on beach, or cruising through the parks – Skateboarding is an ultimate joy which is equally fun filled for all age groups.

One of the best physical exercises and a fantastic sporting activity, skateboarding is something that adds a great adventure to one’s life.

If you have not yet experimented with skateboarding, I will highly recommend you to give it a shot. And you will see how much addicted you are with this activity. For this purpose, I have come up with the best skateboards for beginners and professionals.

When you have finally decided to indulge in the fun of skateboarding, then you must be sure to get the skateboard which is sturdy, durable and long-lasting. Particularly, the skateboards for beginners must be bought carefully while keeping some tips in mind.

So, this is the time to skim through this write up which will help you in getting the best skateboard for beginners (and also for advanced skateboarders).

Have a quick glance at our 15 top picks in the range of best skateboards for beginners!

1- Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard

2- Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

3- POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard

4- Roller Derby Rd Street Series Skateboard

5- KPC Pro Complete Skateboard

6- Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

7- Puente 31 Inches Pro Skateboard

8- RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

9- Ohderii 22 Inches Mini Cruiser Skateboard

10- SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

11- ENKEEO 32 Inches Double Kick Skateboard

12- PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skateboard

13- Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard


Best Skateboards for Beginners Our Top 3 Picks

You want the best beginner skateboard, right?

Minority skateboards are truly one of a kind. The enhanced durability with top-notch materials, advanced and customized designs, an outstanding performance – all are combined in Minority 32 inches Maple Skateboard.

It is definitely one of the best skateboards for beginners that offers the similar level of fun and adventure to the advanced skateboarders.

Product Highlights

  • 7 -Ply Hardrock Maple Deck
  • Mediate concave design
  • 32 x 8- Inches deck that supports a maximum weight of 220 lbs
  • Trucks are casted with genuine aluminum alloy
  • ABEC-9 precision bearings
  • Stunning graphics and artwork

Product Overview

Let’s have a detailed overview of Minority 32-Inch Maple Skateboard with the specifications and related details about construction and performance.

Durable Deck

Deck is the most crucial part of any skateboard. Since it is about the best skateboard for beginners, the deck construction and design are more importantly considered.

With Minority Maple Skateboard, you will be having a 32 x 8 – Inch deck which is designed with 7-ply hardrock maple using epoxy glue. This enhances its strength as it can support a maximum weight of up to 220 lbs. (This is a reasonable weight limit which supports the riders from beginners to advanced level.)

Furthermore, the mediate concave offers another level of comfort. It has a spacious nose with outstanding kick tail which adds more to the maneuverability. So, the riders will be able to enjoy an extraordinary physical performance from practicing basic skateboarding to enjoying new tricks.

Reliable Trucks and Wheels

Another major element that brings a real value to this product is the design of trucks. Casted with a genuine aluminum alloy, the trucks are 5-inch wide and include chrome steel axle and kinqpin.

The 52 mm Polyurethane wheels alongside ABEC-9 precision bearings are designed to give an amazing rebound performance. These wheels are intended to produce a massive power with just a little amount of force, so the riders can have a speedy and smooth skateboarding experience.

Trendy and Attractive Graphics

One more thing which makes Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard a real demanding product is the stunning artwork. Minority has been using advanced printing and graphics technology to come up with a variety of designs to suit every age group.

These prints never fade away and you can get the desired design and pattern from a range of 18 available designs.


  • Improved stability with a 7-ply Hardrock maple
  • Supports weight up to 220 lbs
  • High rebound performance with polyurethane wheels
  • Enhanced support for wheels with ABEC-9 precision bearings
  • Enhanced support for wheels with ABEC-9 precision bearings


  • Wheels need a regular cleaning

Looking for the best skateboard that is easy on your pocket too?

Well….Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard is surely the answer to your search.

Sturdy, high-performance and affordable are the features which truly define PGD skateboard manufactured by the popular brand Powell Peralta.

Product Highlights

  • Easy to go skateboard for both beginners and advanced riders
  • Plastic deck with 7.63 inches width and 31.63 inches length
  • 7- ply Maple used in deck
  • Deeper concave makes board thin
  • Hand-cast Polyurethane wheels with 54 mm diameter and 99A hardness
  • Screen-printed bottom with colorful design

Product Overview

Powell Peralta is a famous American brand which has been a trusted name in the realm of skateboarding. Manufactured in China, this Powell Golden Dragon skateboard is s[specifically designed to cater the needs of both beginners as well as advanced skateboarders.

What makes it to the list of the best skateboards; those specifications and features are discussed below:

Exceptional Deck

When it is about reliable skateboarding, Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard comes across with an exceptional design of deck. The deck uses vaneer maple source which is 7- ply maple and makes it sturdy and reliable.

The dimensions of deck are 7.63 inches (width) and 31.63 inches (length) which make it a bit smaller than an average street size deck. But it also makes it an easy to go skateboard for all levels of skateboarders.

A deeper concave makes the board thinner but doesn’t let it loose strength. This further improves the stability of the board.

Moreover, Powell Peralta has done something more to make it a safe product for riders and that is use of a polymatric strap which runs through the board. If the board breaks, this strap lets it hold the deck together and the riders are prevented from falling down.

Polyurethane Wheels

The wheels are hand-cast polyurethane which are 54 mm in diameter with 99A durometer hardness. This is a usual design for street -style skating.

The bearings part is not that impressive though, but still the wheels offer a massive high-rebound performance. The material of wheels enables them to provide enhanced grip and roll.

Screen-Printed Graphics

Bottom is made attractive and eye-catchy with screen-printed graphics. The Dragon 2 design makes it a real trendy product which fulfills the demands of skateboarders.


  • Budget-friendly product
  • Polymatric strap holds the deck together should it break
  • Deep concave lets the riders have stability
  • High-rebound wheels with good grip and roll
  • 7-ply maple makes the deck strong and sturdy


  • Bearings section is a weak spot of the skateboard
  • Trucks are a bit tough

Another best skateboard in the list which fulfills all demands of beginner and advanced skateboarders. This POSITIV Team skateboard is the Spring 2012 product which is the part of Digital series. POSITIV is one of the top-notch brands which has been used by famous skateboarders including Rodney Jones, Sandro Dias, Andy MacDonald.

Product Highlights

Deck has dimensions of 8-inches (width) and 32.125 inches (length)

Deck is designed as per demanding specifications

Proprietary AirLam fuses are used to join multiple plies of wood

Product Overview

Being a signature brand used b top skateboarders, POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard is undoubtedly among the best skateboarders for beginners and advanced riders.

These are the specifications of the product that get it admitted into the list of top and best skateboards.

Wide Deck

The most appealing part of POSITIV skateboards is their well-crafted deck. Every deck is made as per demanding specifications. This Andy MacDonald skateboard is 8 inch wide and 32.125 long, which makes it more suitable for the riders of all age groups.

The brand makes use of proprietary AirLam process to join multiple plies of wood which utilizes waterproof glue. So, the deck is kept safe from moisture and gets more strengthened and durable in the long run.

Moreover, the length of slides is improved by coating the bottom with SST slide treatment.

Suitable Wheels

This specific product of POSITIV encompasses the wheels which are appropriate in terms of dimensions. They are 54mm in diameter with 99A durometer hardness, which makes it ideal for skating on a variety of roads.

Trucks embody Mini-Logo bearings which further ensures a smoother ride. These trucks are perfectly fixed on the deck which offers a memorable skating experience. They are 7.5 inches in width which get them finely settled on the deck.

Trendy Graphics

The skateboard is available in two colors – black and blue. The graphics are attractive and trendy printed with advanced technology.


  • Long-lasting deck with the use of AirLam process and waterproof glue
  • SST slide treatment improves the length of every slide
  • Smooth ride with Mini-Logo bearings
  • Trucks are well-settled on deck
  • Improved grip with large-sized wheels


  • Only two colors options to avail

Do you want an affordable skateboard which enables you to perform tricks as well> This is surely the right option for you. Roller Derby Rd Street Series skateboard has covered all your needs.

Product Highlights

7-ply Hardrock Maple Deck

Full layer grip on top of deck

Double Kick Tail

50 mm Polyurethane Wheels

5 inches Aluminum Trucks

Bevo Silver – 5 Bearings

Product Overview

Roller Derby is one of the top brands in skateboarding. With its Street Series skateboards, you will get something that really fulfills all your demands and requirements.

Explore this Rd Street Series Skateboard in detail.

Sturdy Deck

This skateboard is an outstanding product when it comes to the deck specifications. It is a budget-friendly skateboard but doesn’t lack in quality. With 7-ply HardRock laminated deck, the full layer grip on the top makes it really strong and long-lasting.

The riders can perform full tricks without any worries of falling down or deck breaking.

The deck is 7.5-inches wide and 31-inches long which makes it a perfect deck for all riders. The skateboard can confidently be used in skate parks and sidewalks.

Smooth Wheels

More features are provided in the form of wheels and truck part. The skateboard comes with 5-inches aluminum trucks. The Polyurethane wheels are 50 mm in diameter and come up with Bevo Silver-5 bearings to ensure a smooth skateboarding experience.

An improved balance and control are offered with 4mm angled risers which are installed on the board. This is why this skateboard is popular to perform tricks like Ollie and Kickflip.

Eye-Catchy Graphics

The board is made attractive with trendy patterns and prints. You can enjoy options including Frat House, Square and Star.


  • Skateboard comes pre-assembled
  • Suitable to perform Kick flipping and Ollie tricks
  • Highly durable and strong deck
  • Enhanced control and balance with angled risers


  • Might face little issues with trucks

Krown – one of the reliable names in skateboarding industry. What makes Krown a trusted manufacturer is its expertise in crafting high-quality products in an affordable range. The company began its journey in 1996 after identifying the market gap between the big box retail skateboards and the professional ones.

So, Krown started manufacturing the skateboards which offer a premium quality of skating at a pocket-friendly price. Particularly, they have focused on products which are suitable for beginner and intermediate riders. KPC Pro Complete Skateboard is one of such best skateboards for beginners.

Product Highlights

  • Canadian Maple Construction
  • 8.0 x 32 ” deck size
  • Huge color and design variety
  • 5.0” Aluminum trucks
  • 52mm urethane wheels
  • 80 Grit black grip tape

Product Overview

KPC Pro Skateboard is a perfect go to skateboard for the pro skateboarders. The product comes assembled and ready to use. Let’s explore it in detail:

Wide Deck

As the most important part, Krown has made this deck perfectly suitable for pro and intermediate riders. The 8.0” X 32” dimensions of the board make it enough wider that a pro skateboarder can easily learn skating and an experienced rider can also perform new tricks.

Canadian maple is used in constructing the deck which makes it sturdy and stronger than other Krown’s models. Furthermore, the modern concave design enables it to offer a comfortable ride and also makes the riders capable of learning new tricks like flipping the board.

High-Rebound Wheels

The KPC Pro Skateboard embodies heavy duty Aluminum trucks which are 5.0 inches in dimensions. The 52 mm, 99A high-rebound wheels are made up of urethane material. They are further supported by ABEC 7 precision bearings and 80 grit black grip tape to provide stability.

Cool Colors and Designs

You are looking for an ideal skateboard with some cool graphics and colors? KPC Pro Complete Skateboard has covered all. There is a huge variety of colors with modern graphics to suit your taste.


  • Perfect deck size for beginners
  • Comfortable ride with modern concave
  • Sturdy design
  • Enables riders to learn new tricks


  • Wheels may need replacement

As discussed above, Krown has been the market leader in designing budget-friendly yet top-notch skateboards. Similar to Pro series, Krown’s Rookie series embodies durable and ideal skateboards for beginners.

Product Highlights

Deck made up with Canadian Maple

7.5″ x 31.5″ deck size

52 mm Urethane wheels

Aluminum 5.0″ trucks

Product Overview

Rookie Complete skateboard is undoubtedly among the best skateboards for beginners and intermediate riders. The skateboard comes assembled, you will get it read to be used from the box. The durable and wide design of deck makes it an ideal skateboard for pro skaters.

Durable Deck

The deck is constructed with Canadian maple which makes it durable and robust. The deck measures 7.5 inches in width and 31.5 inches in length. This makes it appropriate for riders who are just new in skateboarding or want to learn new tricks.

It features modern concave design (just like KPC Pro skateboard) that makes it more comfortable and enables riders to perform tricks like flipping.learn new tricks.

Sturdy Wheels

Trucks are designed with heavy duty aluminum and are 5.0 inches in dimensions. Moreover, the 52mm urethane wheels are sturdy and suitable for street skating.

Wheels are supported with ABEC 7 precision bearings and 80 grit black grip tape. This further ensures safety for riders.

Attractive Design

The Flame design of Krown Rookie skateboard looks appealing to the teens and youngsters. The graphics are printed with advanced technology that don’t fade away.


  • Durable deck due to Canadian Maple
  • High-rebound wheels
  • Improved safety with black grip tape
  • Smooth riding with Aluminum trucks
  • Perfect size of deck for pro skateboarders


  • Wheels may need replacement

A very high-quality skateboard for beginners and professional riders by Puente. The 31 inches Pro skateboard is designed to ensure safe and smooth riding experience with durable deck design..

Product Highlights

7 layered Maple wood deck

31 inches long deck

53 mm anti-shock polyurethane wheels

Pre-assembled and ready to use skateboard

Graphics printed with thermal transfer technology

Product Overview

If you are looking for a top-notch skateboard that gives an ultimate riding experience to pro and advanced skaters, Puente 31 Inches Pro Skateboard is the right answer to your search. Listed among the best skateboards for beginners, this product is the preference of consumers who want durable, high-quality skateboard for their young teens.

Highly Durable Deck

The deck is made highly durable with 7 layered maple wood. The high-density emery non-slip and waterproof surface makes it more durable and provides a premium safety to riders while skateboarding.

With double kick concave design, this skateboard is an ideal product for beginners to start learning stunts like OL action, 360s and other tricks.

Anti-Shock Wheels

Another amazing feature with Puene Pro Skateboard is the smooth riding experience with its anti-schock wheels. These are 53mm, 95A polyurethane wheels which are further equipped with ABEC 9 precision, high-speed bearings and soft Polyurethane bushings.

Thermal Transfer Pattern

The graphics are printed with Thermal Transfer technology which makes the pattern non-fading as well as clear and realistic. The designs are cool that suit demands of both girls and boys.


  • Increased durability with 7 layered maple wood
  • Improved safety with non-slip and waterproof surface of deck
  • Smooth and safe riding experience with anti-shock wheels
  • Lets the riders learn different tricks with double kick concave
  • Realistic and non-fading prints with thermal transfer patterns


  • A bit low-quality of baseplates

Rimable is a reputed name in the market of skateboards. Their aim is to bring more people to the world of skateboarding by offering affordable and high quality skateboards for beginners and advanced riders.

Rimable Complete 22 Inches Skateboard is an ultimate joy for beginners and experienced skateboarders.

Product Highlights

Fully assembled skateboard

Plastic deck

22-inches long and 6 inches wide deck

3-inches Aluminum trucks

Polyurethane wheels

Maximum load capacity is 198 pounds

Product Overview

This mini cruiser skateboard is considered ideal for beginners and new skateboarders. Let’s explore the specs and other product details.

Suitable Deck

Deck is made up of high-quality plastic with dimensions of 22 inches length and 6 inches width. Although, the deck seems a bit narrow (as compared to other skateboards for beginners), but this size is too appropriate for children, young teens.

Smooth Wheels

Trucks are 3-inches in dimensions and made up of aluminum. The wheels are made up of polyurethane which are super smooth with high precision bearings.

All the components make the skateboard easy to ride on all types of surfaces.

Trendy Colors and Designs

This Rimable Mini Cruiser Skateboard is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The colorful graphics make it really attractive, so children and adults equally find it appealing.


  • Suitable size for beginners
  • Smooth riding with polyurethane wheels
  • Trendy colors and patterns
  • Affordable price


  • Bearings may need replacement
  • A bit narrow sized deck

When it comes to Mini Cruiser skateboards, the next in our picks for the best skateboards for beginners is Odherii 22 Inches Mini Cruiser. Odherii comes up with a sturdy, durable and easy to carry skateboard to make an everlasting impact of ride.

Product Highlights

High quality plastic deck

Non-slip surface

22″ x 5.5″ deck size

Aluminum Trucks with ABEC 7 bearings

85A Polyurethane soft wheels

Easy to carry and travel for short commuting

Product Overview

Explore the Odherii 22 Inches Mini Cruiser Skateboard with detail to have a thorough knowledge about the product. This Mini Cruiser skateboard is designed with high quality components to give a premium riding experience.

Non-Slip Deck

The foremost thins that makes Odherii Mini Cruiser skateboard a demanding product is its sturdy and non-slip deck. The deck is made up of high quality plastic material which is 22 inches in length and 5.5 inches in width.

The high injection molded plastic doy is durable enough to support a maximum weight of 220 lbs. That is why this skateboard is a good choice for beginners and experienced riders as well.

The non-slip surface of deck makes it further strong and safe. So, the riders can feel safe while skateboarding.

Soft PU Wheels

This skateboard for beginners (and advanced riders also) is equipped with aluminum trucks. They are supported with medium bushings that enable a rider for smooth turning and cruising.

The soft 85A wheels also play a vital role in giving a smooth riding experience. Furthermore, the ABEC 7 precision bearings also help in a speedy ride.

Easy to Carry and Travel

The compact design of Odherii Mini Cruiser Skateboard makes it easy to carry. The high quality plastic deck makes the skateboard conveniently stored in a backpack. Easy to Carry and Travel The compact design of Odherii Mini Cruiser Skateboard makes it easy to carry. The high quality plastic deck makes the skateboard conveniently stored in a backpack.


  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Sturdy deck with high impact injection molded plastic
  • Easy to carry due to compact body
  • Enhanced safety with non-skip surface
  • Smooth ride with soft PU wheels
  • Speedy ride with ABEC 7 bearings


  • A bit expensive

Started journey of manufacturing skateboards in 2010, SCSK8 quickly made its name in the industry. Every product is crafted under the supervision of skateboarders and their products are ideal for pro, beginners, intermediate and advanced riders as well.

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard comes in a pre-assembled way. The quality deck with high bounce wheels make it perfect for performing new tricks.

Product Highlights

7 ply maple construction of deck

High bounce 52mm Polyurethane wheels

ABEC 9 Red Bearings

Pro black grip tape

Product Overview

The pre-assembled SCSK8 Pro Complete skateboard is surely one of the best skateboards for beginners. Designed with top-notch components, this best skateboard will surely meet your needs.

Strong Deck

With 7 ply maple construction, the deck is sturdy enough to support young and adult riders. The deck is 8 inches wide and 32 inches in length, which makes it an ideal skateboard for the riders of all age groups.

The kids under age of 12 years can also enjoy a stable grip on this skateboard. Moreover, the maximum weight capacity of this skateboard deck is 225 lbs.

High Bounce Wheels

The trucks are 5-inches and made up of Aluminum material. The high bounce and flat-spot resistance wheels are 52 mm in size and made up of Polyurethane.

The ABEC 9 precision bearings are there to support the wheels. And an improved safety is offered with the Pro black grip tape.

This skateboard for beginners is affordable with good quality, but the bearings are not that of high quality. They may need replacement, in fact there are a few complaints about trucks’ quality as well.


  • Highly affordable
  • Strong deck with 7 ply male construction
  • Supports young and adult riders with maximum weight capacity of 225 lbs
  • Increased safety with black grip tape
  • Easy to go skateboard with appropriate dimensions


  • Bearings are low quality
  • Upgrade may be required because of trucks and bearings

Want something which enables you to perform stunts, durability and stability altogether? Enkeeo 32 Inches Skateboard is surely one of the best skateboards to be considered. This skateboard will surely take your skateboarding to the next level with its high-quality design.

Product Highlights

9 ply Maple wood deck

Anti-shock 85A Ployurethane wheels


Double kick concave design

Maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs

Product Overview

Looking for the best skateboard? A skateboard which is durable, stable, safe as well as gives a smooth riding experience? Then, Enkeeo 32 Inches Skateboard is the answer to your needs. This beginner skateboard is particularly designed to enable new as well as experienced riders learning new tricks and techniques.

Let’s delve into more details to have a profound knowledge about it.

Safe Deck

When it is about the beginner skateboard, deck is the part that must be analyzed first. Enkeeo 32 Inches Skateboard is equipped with a durable and safe deck which is constructed with a 9-ply quality maple wood.

It can support a weight up to 220 lbs which is enough to carry young teens and adults as well. An improved safety is provided by covering the top of deck with grip tape. It helps the rider to stay on the board without slipping and thus ensuring a safe ride.

One more feature is the double kick concave design which enables the riders learn and perform different tricks. This fully symmetrical double kick concave helps them having enhanced control over the skateboard. So, you can have fun of nose pickup, kickflip, double kickflip, nollie and a lot more stunts.

Anti-Shock Wheels

The durable aluminum trucks offer a great maneuverability. The cone/barrel bushings and top-notch truck cushions make the skateboard maneuver perfectly.

With silent and anti-shock 85A polyurethane wheels, the rider will have a smooth riding experience. The ABEC 9 high speed bearings further improve the skating experience.

Easy to Carry Skateboard

It weighs only 4.3 lbs that makes it easy to carry. The aluminum trucks further facilitate to strap it to the back when commuting to school, college or nearby park.


  • Highly durable and safe deck
  • Smooth ride with anti-shock wheels
  • Pre assembled and ready to use out of the box
  • Increased safety with grip tape
  • Improved maneuverability with cone/barrel bushings


  • A few complaints about delivery of the product trucks and bearings

Are you looking for the best skateboard for beginners which perfectly suits your kids under 10 years? PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skateboard is definitely the right shot for you.

Product Highlights

9-ply maple deck

21″ x 6″ deck dimesnions

Single kicktail design

50mm PU wheels

For ages 5 to 10 years

Cool graphics of cartoon characters

Product Overview

PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skateboard is specifically designed for the kids of age 5 to 10 years. Keeping such younger kids in mind, the company has designed it accordingly. Let’s find out the features and specs in detail:

Safe Deck

This beginner skateboard is designed for the kids in the age group of 5 to 10 years, therefore a premium quality 9-ply maple wood is used in construction of deck.

The 21 inches length and 6 inches width make the deck perfectly suitable for such beginner level skateboarders. The kids are made more comfortable with single kicktail design which gives an enhanced control and convenience to brake.

The deck is thick in design and can easily withstand the weight up to 100 lbs. The grip surface on the deck further helps the kids balancing their feet firmly.

Long-lasting Wheels

The PVC injected 50 mm x 27 mm wheels with nylon bearings make sure to provide a smooth riding experience. A faster speed is ensured with composite trucks and steel axle which also support higher weight.

Cool Graphics

Since the skateboard for beginners is designed for kids under 10 years, that is why you will find the brightly colored graphics on the deck. The favorite character of Ninja Turtles make kids more curious to use this skateboard for fun riding.


  • Ideal deck size for kids under 10 years
  • Sturdy and robust deck with 9-ply wood
  • Safety with special grip surface
  • Smooth ride with PVC injected wheels
  • Appealing design with brightly colored graphics
  • Improved balance and control with single kicktail


  • Only for children under 10 years

It is time to be a trendy skateboarder with cool pattern of Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard. Perfect skateboard for beginners as well as for experienced riders, this product will surely upgrade your skating fun.

Product Highlights

7-ply Maple wood used in deck

Medium concave design

52mm Polyurethane wheels

5 inches Aluminum trucks

ABEC 7 bearings

Pre-assembled skateboard

1 year warranty

Product Overview

Cal 7 Complete Skateboard gives you a chance to enjoy street skating with new tricks. With all terrain setup, durable deck and comfortable feel, this skateboard is surely one of the best skateboards for beginners and advanced riders as well.

Powerful Deck

The deck is made with 7-ply maple wood and made extremely durable. The 7.5 inches width makes it suitable for beginners as well as experienced riders to get on the board.

With medium concave, double kicktail design, the riders are provided greater control and they can enjoy flipping the skateboard.

All Terrain Wheels

The 53mm, 100AA Polyurethane wheels give an all terrain setup. The pre-applied grip tape ensures safety and stability for riders. So, you are ready to witness a a smooth riding experience.

The heavy duty hardware includes 5″ aluminum trucks and ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings. Another thing that adds more to a smoother ride is the inclusion of 3mm rider pads with HR96A bushings. These hardware prevent wheel bite and offer easy carving as well.

Wide Range of Graphics

What makes Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard really the demanding one is a wide range of colors and graphics. You can choose any of such designs that matches your needs and demands.


  • Smooth ride with all terrain wheels
  • Greater control with medium concave
  • Strong deck with 7-ply maple wood construction
  • Wide range of colors and patterns


  • A few complaints about grip tape

Final Thoughts:

Wrapping up the detailed discussion, we have got you covered with the best skateboards for beginners. These listed picks are not only for beginners but can be used by experienced riders. Considering these products, you will surely be relaxed in investing the best product for your children.

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