10 Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding

  • By: Eric Albom
  • Date: July 20, 2021
  • Time to read: 15 min.

You’re a skateboarder and you want to protect your wrists?
Wrist guards are the best way to do that. They’ll keep you safe from injuries like fractures, sprains, and scrapes.
Desire: In our this guide we picked best wrist guards for skateboarding so keep reading for more information on wrist guards! and get the right type of  wrist guards today.

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves - Half Finger (Black, Large)

Why Should You Get This?

  • Longer top tube will help the rider getting in a confidence-inspiring position for off-road riding.
  • Lighter and perfect for riding.
  • Salsa Timberjack XT 29 Bike with 29 x 2.6 in tires which would do the job for you in maintaining both performance and momentum.
  • Soaks up any bump keeping a steady and smooth ride making it the Best full suspension mountain bike under 2000 2019.
  • Sing full-length internal housing cables tackle shifting performance in poor conditions.

A lightweight adult bicycle with the main triangular frame made of aluminium making it a weightless and comfortable ride for sports. Off-road, training, and mountainous terrains. With some of the best features enlisted, you would not be able to find Mountain bikes under 2000 with these specialties.


  • High quality built
  • Heavy duty
  • Long lasting


  • Size issues
  • No top support
187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard, Medium

Key features

  • An angled design for an ideal fit of the wrist
  • The thumb is reinforced in the hole and the palm is in longevity
  • Padded in the interior for provision of high comfort level
  • Extra thick concentration for the protection of impacts on the side
  • Ballistic use of nylon in stitching wave
  • Derby wrist and lower derby available

The skateboarding wrist guard pads are extremely compatible in keeping the fitting with proper circumference. The size and fitting are giving the glimpse that the modification is up to the mark. They are coming to you with some optimum solutions, for certain adjustments to save from the injuries during the active time of the user.

These are 187 killer wrist guards to manage the fitting. The double-stitched setting made it safe.

The decent outlook is making it cool to wear, it is indeed going to protect the special areas of joints and connections so the user may have a lot of fun using it. The fabulous fitting is ensuring that the mounted size is awesome in a triple eight wear wrist guard.


  • Ideal in working
  • Great in fitting
  • Solid frame
  • Pull-on loop


  • Spoils with usage
  • Not good to wash
Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers (Black, Medium)
  •  These skateboarding wrist guards offer great fit to the hands.
  •  The wrist saver has ultimate protection for you.
  •  These wrist guards are non-derby wrist savers.

One of the very crucial features of any skateboard wrist guard is its fitting. This triple eight saver wrist guard has 4 way stretching nylon mesh that assures you to provide the closest fitting possible alongside being on a durable side. These mesh straps are well built to help you get the snugness you need for skateboarding.

When the point is about protection, these triple eight hired hands have a lot to offer. The front and back splints of the wrist guards are quite high in density, molded ABS and impact resistant. In between the wrist and splints, there is a shock absorbent EVA form. It also has a nice cushion for comfort.

These triple weight savers are quite alike the same brand glove triple eight RD gloves. However, the difference is that these ones are not for derby so it does not have wide splints. Apart from this, these are quite the same and these are the best wrist guards for skateboarding, snowboarding and rollerblading. So if you are into any of these things, get a pair for yourself.


  • Quite functional
  • Offers good protection
  • Solid build quality


  • Could be a bit uncomfortable

Pro-Tec Street Gear Skate and Bike Wrist Guards (Black, Small)

Key Features:

  •  These skateboard wrist guards are designed for several things like biking, inline skating, etc.
  •  It has ergonomic design
  •  It is made up of durable fabric and ballistic nylon assures you protection.

The best thing about these wrist guards is that it is not limited just for skateboarders. They are quite versatile and can be used for several leisure activities and sports like biking, inline skating, etc. Taking its proper care can make these skateboarding wrist guards long lasting and durable.

The material used to make these Pro Tech street wrist guards is ballistic nylon. This material is known because of high resistance to surface wear letting it protect you more. To make it resistant to ripping, the manufacturer got it double stitched.

This protective gear is ideal for several high speed wipeouts on rough roads. Under the hand on the palm side, the wrist guard has a thick splint extending to the wrist for potent joint stability. Moreover, these best wrist guards for skateboarding have EVA foam pad on the palm for extra protection when you fall. It has full wrapping straps that assures you comfy fit with potential wrist support.


  • Great for protecting against high speed wipeouts
  • Provides top notch level of protection with comfortable support


  • Not ideal for the people living in colder regions
  • Hand wash only
Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves, Large, Black (604352 80003)

Key features

  • Shaped for the fingers in decent outlook
  • Seems smart and adjustable
  • Ideal in setting for the fingers’ fitting
  • Leather made and long-lasting
  • Used for rough and rough chores
  • Removable ABS splints

The ideal finger adjustment has triple 8 and the cool design is already promising in enhancing its outlook as a guard, the fabulous design is modifiable to the highest level of groomed outlook. The leather grain is going to make it look lovely, the EZ pull is available. The hands are in the fitting while the locks are applied to them.

The skateboard wrist guard supports the balance of the body for sure! These are killer pads wrist settings. The best wrist guards are helpful in this setup. Wrist protection is promising! The alignment and fitting of the groomed adjustment are awesome, people may prefer to use it for kids as well as they have more chances of getting stuck. They are ideal in fitting as per the size of the wrists of kids.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Embodies the alignment


  • It gets rough with time
  • It may loosen with time
Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsaver II - Slide On Wrist Guard (Black, Large)

Key features

  •  Slide-on design with higher modifications
  •  Nylon mesh provision for pads
  •  EVA foam to support during an accident
  •  Small in 7-8 inch
  •  Triple 8-hired hands
  •  Impact resistance model

The wrist savers are awesome in keeping you on the move. It is great in fitting as it is a protection hand during the time of splint support. The snug is highly comfortable as it is offering strap closure to the hook and loop. The cushioning and balance power is commendable. The pro-tec street wrist supporter keeps the things in safe mode. Ideally, the size is manageable in some ways, so all age groups are liking it for sure.

Probably the design is going to show the features of trendier EVA foam in marvellous mode, the foam has a gentle touch with a long-lasting body. The alignment is going to make sure that the splint support is available to the functioning of the display in proper blending. Ideally, kids may like it and love to wear it and the rough and tough use is promising its working efficiencies too.


  • Small sizes available
  • Commendable design is a good idea
  • Ski gloves go trendier


  • Tear off with time
  • Slippery surface
Dakine Wrist Guard (1 Pair), X-Small, Black

Key Features:

  •  These are made from 100% neoprene.
  •  The wrist guard has an adjustable hook and a cinch.
  •  It originated in Korea.

Dakine has been a part of this industry from 1979 and up till now it is making superior quality products. One of its super quality products is this Dakine wristguard that assures to provide you with the confidence you need to get back and kill the ramps.

These wrist guards are needed to get worn over your gloves. Its slip-on and tight fitting design needs all the praise that allows you to put it on with super convenience. Also, it equips an easy to adjust hook and look cinch that gets wrapped up around your wrist giving you secure fitting.

Neoprene is used as the wrist guard material to let you enjoy optimum level of comfort. This material gets used widely because it has several good qualities like no irritation to skin, long lasting, waterproof, resisting to tear and potential.

This wrist guard just features aluminum made stay on the bottom. However, it is adequate to protect you against all the minor and major injuries. To let it last long, you should hand wash it only making it stay with its elasticity.


  • Good wrist compression
  • Does not need consistent tightening
  • Works fine to protect against injuries


  • Thumb hole is tight and can irritate skin

ELOS Wrist Guards with Palm Protection Pads. Protective Gear for Skateboarding/Longboarding/Roller Blading/Inline Skating. for Adults and Kids. (Medium)

Key Features:

  •  These Elos protection wrist guards are sturdy in quality.
  •   It fits perfectly on your hand.
  •   It is made from oxford fabric that makes it breathable and comfy.

These wrist guard gloves have palm protection with all the basic features letting you enjoy your skateboarding adventures in full swing. Arguably, these are one of the most affordable wrist guards for skateboarding on this list. However, don’t confuse it with low budget for low quality stuff because it is of good quality.

The best thing about ELOS skateboard wrist guard is that it comes with palm protection pads and fits in most of the hands. Also, it stays snugly in place letting you work on your skateboarding tricks.

On its front, there is an ABS plastic made splint that is curved in outward position for absorbing impacts. To provide you with safety, it does not sacrifice your comfort. For the sake of your comfort, ELOS makes use of Oxford cloth that is breathable and minimizes sweating issues.


  • Stays put in place without consistent adjustments
  • Additional shock absorbent on the palms
  • Breathable cloth


  • Not suitable for larger hand people

CTHOPE Impact Wrist Guard Protective Gear Wrist Brace Wrist Support for Skating Skateboard Skiing Snowboard Motocross Multi Sport Protection (M)

Key features

  • Sizes: SML
  • Colours variety available
  • Flexibility of fitting
  • Packaging in special bags
  • Classic support of snug balance

The breathable and comfortable pads are adding soothing to the modification and designing sleek. The protection is available for both hands and wrist both. EVA foam is going to develop the interest of the person to enjoy more. Size chart is supportive for you and your family. The tech street wrist guard is a good idea! Trendy colours are there for girls but still, most people prefer and buy the unique black tones.

The wrist guard gloves are going to manage the settings of the sets. It works on hands and wrists. The sizes are helpful as you may go for adjustments in addition to buying the relevant and proper size. The presence of the true size is going to ensure the tendency to have a proper use. The classic support of the snug bag is ideal. It is supported during fall. Skateboarding is risky but the chances of risk can be declined by using the relevant wrist supporters, so go for it!


  • Breathable
  • Sizes options available
  • EVA foam


  • Huge in size

  • Heavy

Triple Eight RD Wristsaver Wrist Guards for Roller Derby and Skateboarding (1 Pair), Medium, Black

Key features

  • Slide-on design for easy taking in and out
  • Tough to damage it, it has a fit snug
  • Shock support for ABS moulds
  • EVA formula for cushioning
  • Double stitching and ballistic nylon

The EVA form is offering special support for the wrist and it has obvious impact resistance. The ideal strap closure is offering nylon mesh. The single hook is helpful and the loop mash is going to adjust the proper size and measure the exact size. It has a guard for skateboarding as a supporter. The skateboarding wrist guards are trendy to help them use them. The triple eight hired hands adjust the fitting.

The present increase of the use of the wrist supportive body is ensuring that the current trends are ideal in managing these ballistic mode settings. They are made up of soothing nylon features that are initially helpful in adjusting the fitting and giving a long-lasting promise to the buyers. It is reliable as the EVA foam is giving it not only support but decent finishing too.


  • Wear and tear
  • Smooth touch
  • Sung fit


  • Slim in size

  • Heavy by weight

How to Choose the Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding? – Buying Guide

Maybe you also know that there are a lot of choices when it comes to wrist guards for skateboarding. If you wish to get the best skateboard wrist guards then you need to know about the features that makes it the best. You need to know about what it is made from, how much is it durable, what level of flexibility it offers and a lot more such things.

Following this, here is a brief buying guide that mentions what you need to consider while choosing the best wear wrist guards.

·      Material:

The very first thing you need to consider is the material this protective gear is made up of. There are a lot of materials that can be used to make these skateboarding wrist guards like calfskin, latex, fabric, elastic, goatskin leather, etc. You should go for the material that lasts longer alongside suit the weather of the region you live in. If you live in a hot area then go for some lightweight and breathable stuff.

Apart from this, must make sure to consider the comfort level material is offering. You need to go for the material that is comfortable for you or else your whole skateboarding experience will be ruined just because of your gloves.

·      Fit and Flexible:

When the point of flexibility comes so it means that how much freedom of motion these wrist guard is providing you. You can get skateboard wrist guard that is made well and provides optimum protection but it makes you feel like you cannot move and this is the problem. If you want to go for the wrist guards that feel comfortable, fits you closely but let you move then check on the straps and get adjustable ones to make you fit and let free to move.

·      Style:

There are just few styles available in this protective gear. Full finger skateboard wrist guards are simply like traditional gloves as it covers your entire hand. Usually, these are for sliding tricks when you need to put your hands on the ground. Then comes, half finger guards that do not cover your fingertips and the rest are completely fingerless, only covering the palm area. It’s totally up to what suits you, what works best for you and what fits your style. Fingerless guards are best choice is you want freedom of motion and convenience.

·      Purpose of Design:

Most of the wrist guards are designed for a great deal of activities like inline skating, skateboarding, roller derby, snowboarding and a lot more sports. It is worthy to check what the brand has made the gloves particularly for as it wholly effects your experience. The best wrist guards for skateboarding on the road will be different from the one purposed for derby.

The length and palm splint may be different too. Process could also vary. So you need to make sure to check out what is the purpose of gloves before buying and go for the one you needed it for.

·      Price:

Regardless of whatever you are buying, price is the important factor to consider. You never want to pay more than you can but you can also don’t go for cheapest. Generally, skateboard guards ranges from $20 to $60. Brand is also something that plays crucial role when the point is about pricing alongside the features, flexibility and durability. If you are a novice and enthusiast to learn more than paying a bit extra for protection would be great.

·      Splint Quality:

Another of the important thing to consider is the splint quality of the pair of wrist guards. It is something that saves your wrist from injury by keeping it stay and distributing the force. Also, it prevents you from using your palm to break the fall.

Most of the wrist protectors equips hard plastic splints that could be as long as six inches supporting the palm and forearm. Some wrist guards come with two splints for palm and the back of the hand separately. Now you know yourself, get the one that you feel is protective and suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Final Thoughts:

Wrist guards for skating are quite important as these are the safety gears that protects against hand bones fracture. Every rider should strongly consider it wearing. However, there is no guarantee that it will save you from injury but it surely reduces the chances of you getting hurt or it can decrease the severity of injury.

Whenever you are shopping for gloves like these wrist guards then make sure to focus on certain aspects like style, durability, price, fitting, etc. This will make your wrist guards suit you perfectly.

Here is our detailed guide for best skateboard wrist guards that can help you choose the one perfectly suitable for you.

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