Carpintaria Carlos Alberto

Brief History of Carpintaria Carlos Alberto

Carpintaria Carlos Alberto

Carpinteria Carlos Alberto—A skilled carpenter belonging to the lands of Figueiras, Portugal,

Carlos Alberto is actually famous for his skillfully designed wooden Vespa. This was truly a masterpiece which he especially designed to express the sheer creativity. Wooden Vespa had been created as an expression of individuality through the use and customization by individuals who choose this 2 wheeled vehicle as their way of life – just like Carlos did with Daniella!

This fully functional scooter was crafted from laminated hardwood; packed full 50cc motor size trials bikes have always had something different about them than other types: now we’re seeing people getting creative with these beautiful creations they’ve made themselves (and called “Wooden Vespo”!).

Connected with the concept of Carlos Alberto, we have revamped the website for those who are the hiking and biking freaks.

Carpintaria Carlos Alberto (now called ‘The Outdoor Thrill’) is yours go to place for all the outdoor stuff particularly related to the biking and hiking areas.

The Outdoor Thrill takes you to the adventures and thrills of mobility and commuting. The brand is actually the new name of Carpintaria Carlos Alberto.

The platform serves to bring you the great information on best electric scooters, best mountain bikes, skateboards and outdoor accessories. Being a website in the niche of outdoor and scooters, the new name is again ready to equip you with all necessary information about scooters and mobility accessories.

Besides the mentioned areas, you will also find a profound information on how to ride safely on the roads and how to maintain your electric scooters, skateboards, mountain bikes before hitting the road.

As Carpintaria Carlos Alberto was already connected to the Vespa, this is why we have maintained a separate Vespa category in the re-vamped version “TheOutdoorThrill”.

The category discusses about Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter and the variants. Moreover, the website is going to add more Vespa products and reviews very soon.

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