Cyclamatic Power Plus Cx1 Review

  • By: Frank Robinson
  • Date: October 13, 2021
  • Time to read: 10 min.

If you’re looking for a bike with efficiency, power, and beauty, cyclamatic power plus cx1 says hello. It gives you just the right feels of nature and the best measure for personal fitness. Besides, it is just not environmentally friendly but also pain-free and enjoyable.

Riding uphill is never an easy task. However, the cyclamatic power plus cx1 makes it so. Now, you can have the best scenic experiences with the e-bike’s high-quality battery and motor. The Best thing about it might be its manual, electric, or combo variants. Thus, the bike offers more than your expectations.

And we have just begun. Read the entire article to learn all about the cyclamatic power plus cx1. Following is an in-depth analysis of its features and reviews over them.


With the help of cyclamatic power plus cx1, you can avail a wonderful time for cycling with the least effort you would have ever implied. Also, you can travel up to 28 miles by using a 36-volt lithium-ion battery.

You can reach the limit of 15 mph. Equally important is the aspect of its prime and fine battery. What’s more, is the 21-speed Shimano that offers a smooth ride after just 4 to 6 hours of charge? That might be a bit slow compared to the other e-bikes, but that is because of the extra power it exerts. Hence it gives extra surge to your speed.

It is an eco-friendly bicycle that leaves nothing behind that harms the environment. Hence, the cyclamatic power plus cx1 proves to be an eco-friendly mode of transport the whole world needs.


Whenever you feel tired, you can switch up the mode to electric. And whenever you feel that boost of energy, you can dial it up to manual because the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 offers a unique combination of both modes. Moreover, you can also have it solely manual or electric. Now, you can buy the bike of your choice on your whim.

It has a 19″ steel frame and 26″ wheels. It has a more powerful 250w brushless motor and an upgraded 36V 8.8AH lithium battery. The battery is a unique force that needs 4-6 hours for a full recharge. Further, it can cover a maximum distance of 25-31 miles with a top speed of 15 mph. Also, the battery is fully sealed, and with the presence of a padded saddle, the ride is smooth and comfy.

Furthermore, the disc brakes and Kenda tires give it the ability to grip the ground well and stop without screeching. Also, the 21 Speed Shimano gears provide the bike out-of-the-world advantages. Besides, it has bells and reflectors that aid in its supremacy.

The bike’s weight is 20kg and can support a rider with a maximum weight of 100kg. Now you would think with its battery, how can the bike be so light? Well, that’s the magic of Cyclamatic Power Plus Cx1. Moreover, it is suitable for bikers from age 14 onwards with a height of 162cm.

The bike comes with a quick-release front wheel, a quick-release battery, and quick change gears. Therefore, it provides you the best features a single motorcycle can give.

The cyclamatic power plus cx1 flaunts an impeccable design of the latest fashion and style. In addition to supreme quality, it also has brushed silver across its frame.

Let’s not be overwhelmed now. Let’s break it down for you in further detail. So scroll down below and learn the awesomeness the bike entails.


The cyclamatic power plus cx1 comes with a large force of purposes. Some include manual, standard mountain bikes to climb up a highland. This is why the bike thrusts extra power, and your battery needs more charge. Upon cycling up a steep hill, you would need the added push.

The modern-looking cyclamatic power plus cx1 with its standard-sized wheels are unique. In the market, it sets itself apart from the standard small-wheeled electric bikes. This is the reason that it can travel a good 28 miles at a speed of 15 mph on a full battery.

You can very seldom find bikes with these tires. Mainly it is the small-wheeled electric bikes that are rampant in the market. These cyclamatic power plus cx1 bikes remain incomparable.

If that’s not enough, then you might as well know it saves more than just your money. It keeps your efforts and energy. Suppose your battery dries, consuming the whole battery. What would you do with an e-bike? Well, you do not need to worry about that with the cyclamatic power plus cx1.

The cyclamatic power plus cx1 hate interruptions. Hence, as the battery dies, you need to continue your manual way. As you pedal your way to your destination, you leave behind a cleaner, fresher, and healthier environment. So you’re just not getting to work; you’re also doing your part in making the world a better place.

The cyclamatic power plus cx1 is fast, and you don’t always have to pedal to earn the speed. Moreover, it is easy to assemble with the aid of a tool kit. Not to forget its unique and long battery life, which, despite its power, has little weight. Hence the bike weighs significantly less.

Ease of Use

As a mountain biker, the last thing you want is a strenuous bike ride. This selection is why you need this upgraded model that is more efficient on the lane. The 250 motor on this electric mountain bike kicks in as soon as you start pedaling. As opposed to other mainstream mountain bikes, this allows you to ride quicker.

When it comes to assembly, the procedure is straightforward. You can complete it in as little as 5 minutes. It also doesn’t matter what the weather is like out there, and this electric bike keeps riders safe even when it’s raining. So, the bicycle is a perfect buy if you want to get a great mountain biking experience.

Hence, it is easy to use and makes your life a little easier. So, what’s stopping you from getting it?

Affordable Pricing

So what is it about the bike that has got people all up in a frenzy? Let us tell you.

The Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike costs around $645.00. Additionally, it reaches up to 15 mph due to its powerful motor. In its fantastic performance, it has the capacity to go 28 miles.

The cyclamatic power plus cx1 is a low-cost bike that renders pure excellence. Upon customer reviews, we deduced customer satisfaction and fair appraisals. To be precise, its value is worth the money you buy it for. Of course, you will not get extraordinary features like Cube Hybrid electric bike. However, this is the best thing you can get at such a low price.

Even with general quality, it is a thing to appreciate.

Weight and Size

The cyclamatic power plus cx1 steel frame is 19 inches long, and the wheel size is 26 inches. Also, as you weigh the bike up, it measures up to 44 pounds. Apart from the size and weight, it gives maximum comfort. The padded seat gives you all the ease and coziness you can ask for.

The bike has the most appropriate weight, size and quality features that aren’t too much or too little. Thus, the perfect fit for you.


Does it come back pre-assembled? If you’re not skilled, putting parts together from scratch could appear intimidating. Most bikes from either websites or retail stores come unassembled. So, it would help if you started searching for simplicity in style and construction instead.

Like the battery conundrum, make sure you could, without problems, acquire tires, pedals, and different crucial elements in case they need a placement. Accidents happen frequently and more often in challenging terrains. So ensure you’ve got spare components at hand for your storage or shed.

It is pretty easy to position in place, even in the case you do not know how to perform the artwork of motorcycle assembly. The bike’s instructions are beneficial; however, they might need a chunk of better understanding in a few regions. In detail, the bike is available in 4 portions. 

So it isn’t always overly daunting to position it together. Indeed it is a display of high-quality engineering information from the designers. It seems they were designed not just for easy assembling but also to make sure that there are minimal ‘vulnerable spots;’ regions.

The vulnerable spots can be quick to break or get damaged. Also, it is covered in a small device package to assist in the meeting. That is beneficial because it gets rid of the want for professional gear to position the bike together.

Battery Life

The unbranded 250w rear electric hub motor is a generic model. You can use Nylon planetary gears in this type of motor. Although they are usually reliable, they can fail if the engine is constantly loaded. However, this shouldn’t be a problem in normal riding conditions.

The ion battery has a simple sensor that senses pedaling and turns it on. However, it automatically turns off when you stop, extending the battery life. Also, you can use the bike as a manual push bike. This option is ideal for smooth inner-city terrain or if you ever want a more challenging exercise.

The engine is quiet and quick, and on flat terrain, the battery life allows for a top speed of 15 mph.

The battery will need to have charging before you start riding; it takes around 4-6 hours to charge fully and can last for over 25 hours, depending on the terrain. The battery is securely encased, preventing weather damage, but it is easy to remove, making it ideal for a fast shift.

As a whole, the battery life might be the most critical feature about it that drives a person to purchase it.

The Motor

The motor pace controller is there in a plastic container on the bottom of the downtube.  Therefore, this could make it somewhat susceptible to water ingress. However, these controllers are generally water-proof to a certain degree. But whether or not they can deal with the extended moist spells is a different matter.

There were a few consumer reviews of the motor reducing after heavy rain. Even though this was in the previous models and the provider have now said this trouble is no more.

The controller is once more a generic 36v 250w controller. It must be easy to supply and update upon the occasion of failure. However, the value should be close to an estimation of £35 or $50.

Steel Frame Construction

Since the frame is one of the essential components of a bike. Thereby, you should look for one with a high-quality design. A 19-inch steel frame offers strength and longevity to the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1. Henceforth, the structure has a gleaming silver brushed finish that adds to its appeal. The bike’s frame is sturdy, allowing it to carry riders up to 220 pounds.

The Ride

Comfort is crucial, mainly if you’ll be riding for an extended period of time. And this bike has a number of comfort features to ensure that riders have a pleasant ride wherever they go. The bike, for starters, has a padded saddle. Moreover, another feature you’ll appreciate is the front suspension, which means you have the best drives possible.

Low, medium, and high levels of pedal assist are easily gotten using a transparent control on the handlebars. It is easy to recognize and adjust. So when riding on bumpy terrain, the bike saddle is soft and comfortable, making it ideal for riding in the woods. In addition, the 21-speed transmission ensures smooth riding at all speeds, and the tires tend to be tough and long-lasting.

The high assisted pedaling option is ideal for when your legs get tired at the end of the ride or while ascending steep inclines. Besides, the engine can also sense a higher slope and give the bike an extra boost, reducing the risk of injury from excessive pedaling. Pedaling on the manual setting, on the other hand, tends to make the bike feel heavier and sluggish.

This electric mountain bike is built with top-of-the-line Kenda 26-inch wheels that provide a smooth ride on a variety of terrains. The bike also has Shimano 21-speed gears, which provide riders with a smooth and relaxing ride. Essentially, the combination of all of these fantastic features means that riders have a very relaxed and enjoyable ride regardless of the grounds.


The customers really liked this bike. But if we had to pick a flaw, it would be that the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 does not crash like some electric bikes. Despite the fact that it is a solid and efficient bike that is also a manual bike. Also, it fades fast, and its parts can break easily.

However light the bike, you can still feel its heaviness when in a manual setting. Moreover, it has unclear instructions at some points. Alongside a battery that takes too long to charge, there isn’t much going wrong with the bike.

This bicycle is super for the ones who’ve skilled mountain cycling or for people who are beginners. The easy assembly is time-saving and is a super manner to get you up to speed with the bike components. And it does so without it being too much.

Moreover, the ion battery has a great run time and is easy to charge. Furthermore, its changing is simple too. The bicycle is robust and durable and excellent for challenging and easy terrain.

Who is It Appropriate For?

The Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 is suitable for individuals aged over 14-years-old due to the size of the wheels.  However, it is possible to attach a baby seat or child to the bike, making this bike perfect for family rides and days out. 

It may also be an excellent choice for dedicated cyclists who need an extra boost from time to time or commuters who need to change the way they travel to and from work daily.

Why Do We Want It

The Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 can be of use as both an electric and a manual bike that appeals to us. This choice gives you the option of using the electric motor solely or riding the bike like a regular mountain bike or a combination of the two. So you can continue to improve your fitness while getting a boost or a rest when needed.


The cyclamatic power plus cx1 has everything you need and more. Do you want a low-budget purchase? Check. A robust and long-lasting battery? Check. A strong motor and quick speed? Check. Comfort, ease, and a wide range of superb features? You got it all.

The stylish and unique design leaves you desiring nothing more. Especially its attribute of being a combo of manual and electric does the job of gathering love.

Do not miss out to check the link below to refer to the cyclamatic power plus cx1:

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