10 Best Penny Boards & Mini Cruiser Skateboards

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  • Date: October 11, 2021
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10 Best Penny Boards & Mini Cruiser Skateboards

Skateboarding is quite a common activity to indulge in. Especially by people who live in cities where there are skate parks almost everywhere. There are tricks you can learn and competitions that you can compete in.
However, to participate you must have a skateboard and surely you might be curious about how much do penny boards cost. To know, you should read further.
There is a significant deal of effort involved and for that you also need the right equipment. Here is a list of good quality penny boards and mini cruiser skateboards that you’ll be able to find online. There are a few factors that go in to choosing the right board for you.

1. Hamboards Biscuit Shortboard

This company makes some of the best shortboards in the market. The quality that they offer is premium and appreciated by many customers around the world. This penny board is about 24 inches and gives the rider all the features of a normal skateboard. Aside from that, the penny board is best suited to the smaller roads and such of the city.

The deck of the board is not only sturdy, but it is also quite smooth on the feet. You do not feel too much of a prickling if you decide to ride bare feet on the board.

Apart from that, the board is also quite lightweight. It can be carried from one position to another every easily. It isn’t too much of a hassle if you want to travel with it because the board is quite portable. The way that the wood is designed, it is quite easy for you to look aesthetically pleasing while riding.

If you have been skateboarding for a while, this board can make for an excellent addition to your collection. It is said to be one of the most attractive beach accessories.

2. Retrospec Quip Complete Skateboard

This is another attractive little board on this list. The company that makes these boards is relatively well-known for their quality and such. As is the case with most of these skateboards, the size is quite portable. This can allow you to travel with the skateboard, if need be.

Along with that, the board is also fairly lightweight, which makes it all the more, easier to carry. Another aspect of this board which appeals to the masses, is that the board is quite cheap and does not cost a pretty penny to buy.

So you shouldn’t be worry about how much do penny boards cost, particularly for this one because it is quite affordable.

A lot of beginners will buy this board because there isn’t a lot of investment that goes into it. It is quite a beginner board. The look of the board is quite retro, if you feel that you may be into that sort of thing. Often times skateboard collectors will look for new designs and such to add to their collection. They will look for unique shapes.

This makes the retro style a worthy contender. There are certain variations as there is a 27-inch board available and a 22-inch board available. You can choose the one that fits your size best. You have to make sure that the board can also accommodate to the roads that you ride on.

3. Cal 7 Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser

This is one of the most compact skateboards on this list. The style is still very much retro but because of the lightweight and the portable nature, it becomes easy to carry. The board has always arrived fully assembled to the customer’s home.

There are many options of colors in this brand. The style remains pretty much the same, but the color can be according to your personality and your style.

The key feature of this board are the wheels. The wheels are about 60 mm in size and come with excellent bearings. This makes the ride all the more, smooth and relaxed. The price that the board comes for is quite economical and affordable. People who are just starting off may also be able to buy this because of the lack of investment.

The performance of the board is excellent. Experienced people also prefer to use it for leisure and such. The board is decent and good enough. It is special because of the price that it is available for.

4. Summit Board Multi Design Shortboard

This is one of the most stylish boards on this list. This is because of the shape of the board. The shape is unique, but also functional. The deck provides the friction that your feet need to be able to skateboard in a comfortable manner. The design of the exterior is really what sets this board apart from others.

The board is seemingly quite standard and works pretty well even if a beginner is using it. Further, it is universal in the sense that you do not need to put in too much effort to pull off tricks on this bad boy.

A very important aspect that made me put the board on the list is the wheels that the board comes with. Excellent bearings and amazing functionality of the wheels. This also makes for a smooth ride on the skateboard.

5. Hamboards Twisted Fin

This is a board from a company that has already been mentioned before. The board is known for its quality parts and such. The board rides with a smooth consistency and does not falter in the face of hindrances. It is one of the best boards on the market.

First of all, the deck is made out of bamboo. This is one of the sturdiest materials known to man. If you want your board to be able to retain its durability, buy one that is made of bamboo. The weight capacity of the board is quite adjustable.

Thereby, this makes sure that the board is versatile. Many boards can’t sustain weights if it seems to be a little above average. That is not the problem with this board. Another positive aspect of this board is that there is no wheel bit after you ride. The wide deck helps maintain the rider’s balance.

6. SK8MEMO 17X5inch Skateboard Cruiser

This board is often used by people who are just starting off. The style of the board is quite retro and appealing to people who like colors a lot. The bright color is perfect for taking pictures as well. Apart from the superficial aspects, the board is also perfect for people who want a smooth ride.

The board is also quite lightweight and portable. It is easy to travel with and carry around the city. The size of the board is small and can easily be stored in the corner of your house. There are also many bright colors available.

7. MoBoard Graphic Complete Skateboard Mosaic

This is one of the best boards on the market. The grip of the deck is such that it will help the rider maintain balance. It helps keep the feet of the rider in place as best as possible. Also, the board is capable of holding up a decent amount of weight without toppling over or giving way.

Apart from that there are various designs available and you can choose the one which fits your style or your aesthetic. The sharp turns of the board make it easier for you to make cuts.

8. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

The best quality of this skateboard is that it is available at a cheaper price. It is easy for people to want to purchase this board and then also be able to without any investment. It is the best value for money on the market.

The deck of the board is about 22 inches long which is a good length if you want to maintain your balance. The design is a classic and the endurance is great. What more could a rider need. If you want knowledge of how much do penny boards cost, then this board is the perfect example of an economical penny board.

9. Xapwell 22 Inch Mini Cruiser

If you want a unique design, this may be the penny board for you. It is a lightweight board and can be quite portable if you need it to be. The board can also support a decent amount of weight without giving way or becoming weaker.

It comes at a decent price and there are many colors to choose from depending on your style.

10. Penny Skateboards Swirl

This is another 27-inch skateboard on this list. It is still portable because the size is relatively small, but it won’t be as portable as other boards on this list. It is one of the low-priced skateboards and can be used by people of a variety of different ages.

The board also comes with aluminum-coated trucks which is good for directing and having more control over your board.


If you want to know how much penny boards cost then it is imperative that you pay attention to the lowering or increasing in prices. The features that are added or removed when a certain price hikes up or drops, respectively. Find a board that is good value for money and best suited to you.

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