Should I Get a Skateboard or Longboard?

  • By: Frank Robinson
  • Date: October 14, 2021
  • Time to read: 7 min.

Are you learning to skate? Or are you an expert yet still confused about what is suitable for you? Who should you let in your life? And who will emerge victorious in the competition of longboard vs skateboard?

To answer that, you first need to know the difference between both. Hence, we leave no aspect to the imagination when it comes to their distinction. Be it the stage of learning, structure, shape, convenience, and of course, your preference!

What Should You Get, longboard vs skateboard?

So you’re running into trouble and rounding up at just one phrase, longboard or skateboard? If that is the case, you’re at the right place. Today is the day we will try our best to clear the mainstream mess of confusion in your heads.

It is simple, and after learning about it, you will probably think- “why didn’t I think of it myself.” But it’s okay. It was predestined for you to land to us.

Mostly, longboards and skateboards swap with each other, and no discrepancy is put in between. Read this article thoroughly to distinguish and understand the difference finally.

Would you believe us when we tell you that longboards were available well before skateboards- that too back in the 1950s? You can say, in a way, that longboards are the mother of skateboards. It is funny when you say it but not when you know how the origination of skateboards came on.

As the name can speak for itself, the longboards were long. Moreover, you could feel the hype of surfing through the sidewalk as you skate on these longboards. However, at the end of the 1950s, the longboards went under many alterations to fit the needs of other skaters. Some wanted it small and easy, while some wanted style to flaunt it.

Hence, there was the birth of modern skateboards.

Although upon the appearance, longboards and skateboards can look much alike, however in actuality, they are anything but similar to each other. For that reason, we are here to guide you through the dark and help you pick and choose to have the perfect selection. What will buying either skating board do for you? Therefore, learn critical information before you waste your money on something you would never want in the first place.

Which One is the Beginner’s Calling?

If you’re a beginner, here’s your chance to know what is best for you. Although both could suffice, in comparison, longboard could out-do skateboards. A longboard is ideal for cruising and covering large distances,

The longer frame gives a beginner more grip and stability to deal with the new thing. It would help if you chose a longboard to learn the ropes of gliding on wheels and know how to brake effectively.

When you master the art of learning how to brake while riding at high speeds, you will thank the longboards. As a matter of fact, if you do, you won’t have to sit on the sidewalk with a bruised knee as frequently. Do you have a passion for advancing into skateboarding with as little pain as possible? What’s more, get a grip on all basics as you follow along? A longboard is your true calling.

Moreover, skateboards have harder wheels than a longboard. As a result, you can cruise on a longboard more effortlessly. In contrast, small and hard wheels can be damaging upon meeting sudden gravel and bumps. Here, especially if you’re a beginner, you would want your first experiences to be more convenient.

Another reason it is for a beginner is that they are too far from a journey of implementing tricks on the longboard. To be very clear, we do not recommend you doing tricks on a longboard. Its distinct shape makes it impossible to do flips on it.

With a longboard, you would have to wait a while to pick up the tricks and succeed in doing it. For a level-up, we would vouch for a skateboard.

Pro Tip: As you hone the right skills, the longboard helps you “long-distance pump.” This is the impulsing momentum and speed you get in your flow without actually pushing forward.

Which One is Easier to Ride?

The answer is simple. Of course, a longboard is easier to ride with its soft and big wheels that aid in sliding a path oh-so-smoothly. The hurt in your heels might ebb as you cruise on a longboard along your town or neighborhood.

Moreover, with a longboard, you sail on easily without stopping. It is a fast board that you can easily push on to give it a further off push. Whereas with skateboards, a small bump or crack can quickly halt you dead in your track. And it’s not fun, we can tell you that much.

A skateboard will probably go up to the speed of a bicycle. And, you’ll have to push extra hard to continue to a rate. Consequently, this exertion exhausts you when you travel large distances. Therefore is better to use a longboard instead. This way, the efficient bearings support you to ride low and push efficiently to help you glide fast.

They both have their ups and downs, but the longboard side might be heavier per convenience if we measure them by balancing. Indeed a longboard does have big wheels that are heavier. Despite that, a longboard gives you a fast and unbothered ride.

But wait, we can only tell either it’s a longboard’s win or a skateboard’s in accordance with the landscape. So if you’re cruising in a park, a lightweight, small-wheeled skateboard would suit your situation better.

However, the fact remains, if you want to learn the knack of doing tricks, start before learning the basics on a longboard. So when the time arrives for you to flaunt some skateboard tricks, you are well aware of how to cruise and brake. This will give you the confidence to strive to learn more, and in turn, you will have a sense of achievement. That way, you can become an expert in no time as per the motivation you get.

When your board concentrates on two things, like cruising and braking, you can learn and adjust more. Additionally, the extra safety the big wheels disguise as an evil nemesis sometimes. As you lose track of yourself beating the winds and skating down a path, the large wheels can be fatal.

Thus, we advise you to cruise and brake at slower speeds because you only live once!

However, if you are low on money, you can directly skip and buy a skateboard. Accordingly, you do not have to spend on the process, but you might have to work a little harder. The small and hard wheels require balance control which you can totally achieve as you proceed. On the bright side, the bumps slowing your pace can add to your advantage to speed up your learning.

Yet, this is not advisable by experts who say it is vital to start from the basics.

Which One is Better?

We have talked enough, and now it is your turn to speak up. You can tell us upon your personal preference which side you’re on the match between longboard vs skateboard.

You would prefer a skateboard if you want to learn skate-park tricks or some street moves. Also, if you wish to agility and quick pace in your movement around crowded urban areas, you would choose a skateboard. Moreover, if you have something easy to store and carry with you, you would need small and hard wheels for the cruise.

Longboards help you relax and take deep fresh air. Because you must know, the longer the wheelbase and the deck, the comfier the cruise is.

On the other hand, people who like to cruise leisurely and chill ride in parks would fancy longboards. Furthermore, you would choose a longboard for long distances you want to travel really fast. In addition, you would again select a longboard for learning old-style tricks.

Hence, it is safe to say both the skating boards are fantastic to use and have unique experiences on. So all you have to do is dedicate yourself to the process of learning.

So you tell us, which person are you and what do you think should you get?

The Bottom Line

As we highlight the key differences between the duels of longboard vs skateboard, it is up to you now. So you have to realize where you lean. Are you a beginner with a chill attitude and want something easy to skate on? Or are you an adventurous soul with a desire to do kick tricks and Ollies?

First, decide upon what you want and who you are so you can realize what you want. Then, make up your mind about what you desire with the help of this article. And finally, you can buy either of the board.


However, if you’re someone in the middle, you can have the best of both worlds by opting for a hybrid skating board. So go on and begin your thought process. 

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