2021 Rad Power Bikes Reviews – From Folding to Cargo Bike Brand Comparison

  • By: Frank Robinson
  • Date: October 11, 2021
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This article comprises reviews on Rad Power Bikes, the difference between radcity vs radrover. The long note also includes details about roadrunner, radmini, and radwagon. So stay tuned and read the entire article to become a radfanatic!


Rad Power Bikes presents the best quality bikes in low-cost value purchases straight from Seattle. Moreover, the company offers traditional bikes that convert into personalized e-bikes to meet the client’s requirements.


Thereby, growth in success had Rad Power Bikes commence on their product expansion. Later, the company began a chain of inexpensive electric bikes dedicated to various uses.


The electric bikes bring innovation and expertise, as well as fun and a whole lot adventure. But if you’re not a lover of one of the above, Rad Power Bikes bring a collection for you too. In fact, you will see small utility bikes to that are best for everyday use that bring you comfort. So, the all-in-one exclusive brand stands on the pedestal of uniqueness, elegance, and variety.


Presently, Rad Power bikes hold the esteem of being one of the few best trademarks that sell electric bikes.


The electric bike market is more like a fish market when we talk about the rush of customers. Therein amid the traffic remains Rad Power Bikes on the up and up. In essence, the company makes e-bike trends easier to access and follow. And it does so by having a direct-to-consumer approach in the business model.


Also, it strikes off deals with third parties for the consumers’ comfort.

The brand continues to increase its reach and expand all over. Moreover, the bikes give you what you desire and keep you coming back for more. Therefore, we bring forth a wide list of its products that will leave you amazed. 

Rad Power Bikes – Inexpensive Excellence

To begin with, every single one of their bikes includes a robust engine and a high-limit battery. And if that’s not enough, it also offers just as a strong casing. Additionally, each model obliges a specific genuine need, regardless of whether it is a requirement for a long-range city suburbanite or not.


Moreover, the powerful bike can pull a ton and are genuinely moderate. Mostly these bikes are under $1500; on the other hand, others are near the $1000 value point. This is refined by brilliant designing choices and building up a unique and productive store network. These make for a triumphant mix of good quality and reasonable cost.


Below are some of the variants of Rad Power Bikes and their reviews to guide you. This way you can recollect what you desire, which of the product fits your needs, and then make it yours.


Some of the Rad Power bikes we are going to include are the RadRover, RadCity, RadRunner, RadMini, and RadWagon.


Be aware though these are just the beginning of revolution of e-bikes. And Rad Power Bikes is not close to giving up on launching new marvels. Now, you have to wait no more, here is the list of the bikes we are talking about.

RadRover – Electric Fat Bike

RadRover is a hardcore fat tire electric bike. To be precise, it has 4″ wide wheels for a steady ride on and rough terrain. Besides, it also is the organization’s initial model, and it has been doing wonders for the company’s name since then.

It is heavy and weighs quite a lot so you might want to consider that feature before you go ahead and buy one. We mean, it depends on you, if you like them heavy or light. If heavy is your preference RadRover is the perfect choice for you.

 RadRover 5 in its 2020 Edition comes equipped with monstrous LED halo front lights. Also, it has a built-in stone guard to safeguard it from whatever rolling stones you throw at it.

This bicycle, powered by a 750W motor, has a top speed of 20 mph.

Moreover, it can also increase to 25 mph in some conditions. The RadRover is an SUV that can create a path wherever you steer it in the cycling dimension.

It’s upon a solid and mutually beneficial foundation of aluminum. The exterior of the body is accessible in different variations. So you can now step through and step over with the aid of the bike. Fast and sleek, it is a beaut you would be blessed to own. 


The RadRover has mind-blowing features like a 750 W Bafang geared hub motor. Hence, the engine pushes the car up to the speed of 20 mph. The battery it contains is a 48V 14Ah (672 Wh). Moreover, it has a 6061 Aluminum Frame.

Furthermore, if that’s not enough, it has a brilliant range of 25-45 miles that depends on pedal-assist or throttle. Also, it has quality tires or the remarkable Kenda Juggernaut 26″ x 4″ Tries to be specific. In addition to this, it contains the delectable Tektro mechanical disc brakes that give your bike a firm grip on the roads.

The RandRover has a suspension of Front RST spring suspension fork with 80 mm travel. It even has a large haul capacity of 275lbs. You know what this means? A more enjoyable and stress free holiday by the beach- and not alone!

Some extra features comprise the wattmeter, light status indicator, LCD display with speedometer, and battery gauge.

Besides these, PAS level indicator, USB charging port, odometer, along with mounting for front and rear racks. Last but not least, its never-ending list of features also contains front and rear LED lights with an ambient light sensor on the show.

RadCity – Commuter City Bike

The all-that-you-need RadCity is a commuter hybrid prototype. What is more, it comes with a bell, fender, rack, brake light, and headlights. Also, the RadCity has a flexible angle stem, including an adjustable seat post and a riser handlebar.


Put upon the supremacy of possessing an 80mm suspension fork; the bike excels in the commuter domains. It also a Shimano Acera 1×7 drivetrain and puncture-resistant Kenda tires to sweeten the deal.


RadCity has a built-in 750W Shengyi motor. In fact, the engine can take the vehicle at high speed of 7.5 mph to 20 mph. Further, the battery is 13S4P configuration of the 48V 3.5 Ah Samsung battery. As a whole, RadCity is an electric commuter and an adventure bike that offers first-rate fittings. And with 275lbs haul capacity and integrated rack, you can also convert it to a cargo bike.


The RadCity has a range of 25-45 miles, controlled by the pedal-assist or throttle. Additionally, its battery is 48V 14Ah (672 Wh), while its frame is made of 6061 Aluminum. Let’s not forget the powerful suspension of the Suntour spring fork by lockout along with travel’s 80mm.


The Kenda K-Rad 26″ x 2.3″ tires don’t let your bike skid. And if the tires don’t do the work, the Tektro mechanical disc brakes do the trick never to let you down- quite literally.


Other features include the wattmeter, rear rack, odometer, USB charging port, and battery gauge. What’s more is the LCD display with speedometer, PAS level indicator, light status indicator, and headlights and brake light.

Equally important is the mention of the front and rear LED lights with forward-facing ambient light sensors. So what else do you ask for, isn’t it more than a dream?

RadCity vs RadRover

You can call them similar, but not one. The radcity vs radrover competition takes a fan base of its own to speak for itself. Both bikes have unique qualities and features that give other bikes a run for their money. However, when you are analyzing between radcity vs radrover it is usually a tough match. For this reason, we bring forth an overview of the chief differences between both.

We highlight the contrast between the high-step frame forms. Furthermore, the RadCity variant of the electric commuter bike comes with many set apart differences. A few include a step-through frame design with less distance and cost amid the handlebars and the rider.

Hence, it might be a better commuter upon the additional features or not.

Where the RadCity has a 750W Shengyi Direct-Drive motor, the RadRover has a 750W Bafang Geared Motor. Moreover, the RadCity has a rear rack, while the RadRover does not have a rack, to begin with. Suppose you’re a person of measurement 5’11”- 6’5″ in ft, RadCity might be your choice of purchase. However, if you come into the more general rider height of 5’4″ – 6’2″, RadRover would be your selection.

When talking about the tires, RadCity incorporates 26″ x 2.3″ Kenda K-Rad and the Rad Rover has the 26″ x 4″ Kenda Juggernaut. Derailleur or the bike gear as you call it also enjoys contrast. To illustrate, the RadCity has a 7-Speed Shimano Altus, and the RadRover has a 7-Speed Shimano Acera.

So it is upon your mode of preference what you would pick or choose.

RadRunner – Utility E-Bike

The RadRunner is also called the Utility Bike, and with every reason to be known as such. The bicycle possesses a combination of all RadPower bikes into one final replacement of a car. The motor has 750W power as you twist its throttle.

The 48V 14Ah battery delivers a forty-five-plus mileage range. The Kenda fat tires give it the ground good friction. Also, it inaugurates integrated lights to provide more worth to the step through frame. Now, with an amazing framework it is everything the population wants and more!

Additionally, the 20” wheels are a thing that exudes magnificence, while the 300lbs hauling capacity gives luxury. So you get so much out of so little- its bizzare!

The RadRunner is an astonishingly commanding fragment, which is a part cargo bike. You might start to wonder after purchasing how you could’ve ever been without one.


With the affordable rate it offers, there are some things left to desire in the bike. It comes without a digital display that is present in other RadPower bikes. But not to fret- it does have in its replacement some LED light emancipating power and pedal assist level. 


The single-speed feature of the bike makes it inadequate for the seven-speed gear shifters too. However, you will realize you might not need that aspect even on inclines when you learn about its extra bonus. The bike introduces extravagance in a tiny amount. Herein, strong motor abodes offer a mix of low-profile cadence sensors.

Indeed, a torque sensor would be better than a cadence sensor. However, you could have that, paying an additional sum of money for another model. But, the RadRunner focuses on being low-cost, so you have to make do with the cadence sensor.


We have a solution if you need the gears in your bike by introducing the improved and more costly form of the RadRunner. You can now preorder it and also get a back seat and 7-speed Shimano shifter in it.

RadMini – Folding Fat Bike

RadMini is tiny and an electric bike that folds itself. In fact, this e-bike possesses the strength of a much heavier bicycle. Manufacturers made it in a way that it could save space while traveling any terrain or distance.

It has a 750W Bafang geared hub motor controlled by a Lithium battery of 48V 14Ah, likewise the rest of Rad Power Bikes. The electric bike can go to the top speed of 20mph. As a whole, this makes RadMini Class 2 e-bike.

What the unique specialty of this e-bike is the 20-inch by 4-inch Kendra Krusade fat tires. In essence, the bike travels just as efficiently on dirt or grass as on pavement. You get comfort as you ride by the aid of the suspension fork. Moreover, you come to a safe halt without screeching tires because of the robust mechanical disc brakes.

It also includes Shimano thumb-operated shifter along with the 7-speed Shimano gear set. That, in turn, gives life to the cadence sensor.

The e-bike is accessible in one size only. However, it has an adjustable handlebar and seat post. So it can accommodate riders of the standard 5’2” to 6’2”  height. Also available in two frame types, it has a step-through and a classic flat.

The bike might be small but is quite heavy. In fact, it weighs 67 pounds. But you might as well know the heaviness of it is what makes it stable and the ride smooth. 

The extra bonus features incorporate the fenders and front and rear lights. In brief, in RadMini, you get the RadPower emblem along with the characteristic ability to be bent in half.

RadWagon – Electric Cargo Bike

You know the traffic gets to your head while driving a big car. And you think, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a decent automobile you could maneuver through small spaces just like a bike?

If you have those recurring thoughts, let us introduce you to the RadWagon. The electric cargo bike can be the replacement that can do you so well. In essence, you could do groceries, get to work, or even ride your children to the park. Not impressed? Let us tell you even have the space for two people behind.

The bike remains quick in speed with a strong battery and gear with a 7500 motor. Not to forget the great expanse the bike has, long and wide. It is more spacious than all previous Rad Bikes. So when you’re pulling on massive weight, you can haul it up to 350 pounds. Alone, its rear deck weighs 120 pounds.

And it has many other features like bags, child seats, a caboose, baskets, and deck pads. To be precise, it has a distinct style and beauty.

The hauling space isn’t without added weight. The bike has a weight of 73lbs. So you can’t possibly carry the bike and the accessories together. But, if you have a garage, you might be well-equipped in terms of storage to keep the stuff.

What’s more, is that the price is anything but a prominent figure as its weight. The RadWagon might be tough and fat to look at, but there is a different story behind the price tag. In fact, the RadWagon might be the most low-cost electric cargo bike there is.

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

The best quality of this skateboard is that it is available at a cheaper price. It is easy for people to want to purchase this board and then also be able to without any investment. It is the best value for money on the market.

The deck of the board is about 22 inches long which is a good length if you want to maintain your balance. The design is a classic and the endurance is great. What more could a rider need. If you want knowledge of how much do penny boards cost, then this board is the perfect example of an economical penny board.


The Rad Power Bikes are phenomenal and the next best thing the world has got to see. Not that it isn’t already, but the new arrivals and limited releases of the upgrades have a hype of their own. Further, upon release of RadRunner Plus that is revolutionary and packed with exceptional accessories. The feature-rich electric utility bike is yet to blow your mind.

Therefore, stay tuned and have an amazing Rad-experience with Rad Power Bikes.

Nevertheless, all good things take time. So, be patient because you would have to wait a sweet time before your fruit comes out. They explained that their consumer need for their products went up 297%.

Hence, the management gave their apologies for the delays. In fact, their production has increased tenfold with speed faster than ever. They are still working and improvising to maintain their label of world-class care.

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