Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

  • By: Eric Albom
  • Date: July 30, 2021
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Being a parent, I am truly aware how much it is soothing to bring a big smile on your child’s face. And when it is about getting them their all-time favorite electric scooters, you must be diligent while making the best choice. While searching a plethora of electric scooters, I have come across a sturdy, award winning and appealing product that is razor e100 electric scooter.

The razor e100 electric scooter. is one of the affordable scooters in the market that comes with a sleek design. It gives a 40 minutes fun ride to your child with a speed of 10 miles per hour. So, you have got something that lets your child build confidence and spend a quality time while exploring the outside world.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Highlights


  • Durable construction of frame
  • Reasonable speed of 10 mph
  • Powerful chain-driven motor
  • Amazing 40-minutes ride time
  • Available in multiple colors


  • 12-hours charging time
  • Lacks reflectors (like horns or bells)
  • Assembly needed

Boost Your Child’s Confidence with Razor E100 Electric Scooter

With razor e100 electric scooter., you have an all-in-one solution to boost your child’s confidence. That is what makes razor e100 electric scooter.an ultimate choice of parents and got it win the Parents’ Choice Award.

This award winning electric scooter is designed for kids ages 8 and up. It is quite affordable and packed with a multitude of features to let your child have a thrilling ride.

Here, I have listed down all the essential things you must know before getting this product. There are many Razor E100 electric scooter reviews on the web, but this post sheds light on each and every necessary aspect to give you a detailed insight of the product.

This review will be a helping hand for the baffled parents who want to give their children electric scooters keeping safety and durability in mind.

Let’s get into the elaborative review of razor e100 electric scooter:


What Design Features Razor E100 Offers?

Obviously, Razor electric scooter E100 is designed to look like a scooter. Its design is just like a traditional electric scooter. But it comes in a sleek and colorful design that makes it further appealing for kids.

  • Wide Deck to Support Kids

It has a wide front deck that enables children to have safe and comfortable trips around the town. This wide deck is further equipped with a kick-start motor that features two rechargeable batteries.

With 8” wide deck, the razor e100 electric scooter. ensures a smooth and safe ride for kids (weighted up to 120 lbs). They can easily get onto this deck for an adventures cruising experience.

  • Good Range of Colors in Razor E100

Available in multiple colors, Razor power core E100 electric scooter becomes a hot choice for most of the parents and their kids.

You can easily choose from the range of red, blue, black, purple and pink. Whether you have a boy or a girl, there is no worry while selecting Razor E100, as the colors range can easily satisfy them.

  • Extra Comfort with Durable Wheels

One more significant feature of Razor E100 is the durability offered through its wheels. There are many Razor E100 electric scooter reviews that discuss about its design, but a very few have covered in detail about the wheels.

As compared to its predecessor E90, the major improvement in E100 lies in the front air tire. E90 had polyurethane in the front wheel. That is why Razor E100 offers much smoother ride which was not possible with polyurethane material.

The back wheel is a bit smaller as compared to the front air tire and is made up of polyurethane. This makes E100 a bit slower than its successor E200, but still your kids will have safe ride with E100.

  • Strong Grip with Rubber-Soft Handlebars

You are not only presenting your child an electric scooter, rather you are letting him/her build confidence. Therefore, you must look for a scooter that offers safety from every respect.

With Razor electric scooter E100, your kid will be riding with a firm grip on rubber-soft handlebars. These handlebars seem average ones as found on every electric scooter. But Razor E100 features rubber slip-resistant grips.

Moreover, the bumpers at the end of handlebars are there to provide an utmost security in case should the kid’s hands loose balance, they will not let him/her fall.

Speed & Mileage

How Fast One Can Ride with Razor E100 Electric Scooter?

Children also look for speed and want to enjoy a faster ride. That is why speed is another essential thing you must look into while buying an electric scooter.

Razor E100 electric scooter offers a top speed of 10 mph (i.e. 16 km/h). This speed range is although not that much fast, but keeping in mind that Razor E100 is designed for riders of age 8 and up, the 10 mph speed is best.

With this speed feature, your kids can have a thrilling ride while safely gliding through neighborhood.

Moreover, the Razor E100 gives a continuous ride time of 40 minutes that equals to 5 -7 miles. This mileage is sufficient enough to entertain your kids before they get bored.

Battery Performance

Does Razor E100 Have A Powerful Battery?

Battery is the back bone for any electric scooter. With a pile of other features, what makes Razor E100 electric scooter an award winning product is its powerful battery.

The Razor E100 is equipped with a 24 volt rechargeable battery. This, in actual, comprises two 12V sealed lead-acid batteries that offer a continuous ride of 40 minutes.

The battery initially takes 12 hours to get fully charged, as the first charge takes a bit longer time to get the scooter running. After that, it takes around 8 hours to get full boosted battery.

Its powerful 100-watt chain-driven motor is an exciting feature. This high-torque motor delivers an unbeatable electrifying fun to your kids.  

Tips for Long Lasting Battery of Razor E100

These are some precautions you must consider using Razor E100 electric scooter that will enhance its battery life:

  • Never use the high torque motor of Razor E100 for weeks without giving it a charge
  • Switch off the power button of Razor E100 when not using the scooter, this will not let the battery die quickly.
  • Do not charge E100 battery more than 8 hours, as charging longer than 8 hours can easily burn out the system.

Weight Capacity

How Much Weight Razor E100 Electric Scooter Can Carry?

The Razor E100 is designed for kids of ages 8 years ad up, it can carry a weight up to 120 lbs. May be you are of thought that it is not that much weight capacity. But being a kids’ scooter and having 29 lbs. of its own weight, this capacity is quite reasonable.

If you are still concerned about the weight capacity, I would recommend you experiment other models from Razor brand.


How Much Razor E100 Costs?

After all you have to consider your budget as well. That is why pricing is another important aspect you need to look into.

It all depends upon the color you have opted for. But in general, the price range starts from $110. 86, which is quite reasonable price.

If the price is still a factor disturbing you, just remind that you are got to boost your child’s confidence with this ultra-safe electric scooter. So, this price is worthy of tis design and safety features.

Safety & Comfort

Is Razor E100 Scooter Safe for Kids?

Yes, of course! When designed for kids of ages 8 and up, how is it possible not to consider safety measures?

Razor E100 electric scooter is a product of a reputed brand that has been designing electric scooters for years. Razor has put safety and comfort features to make this electric scooter child-friendly.

Yes, the scooter lacks some safety features like it doesn’t come with reflectors. There are no horns or tail lights. This can be a drawback, but the scooter has other safety features that will enable a child to have a safe trip.

As mentioned above, the front wide deck lets children safely cruise on the scooter. Moreover, the 8” pneumatic front tire helps to have a smooth ride over rough surfaces.

The hand operated brake on the handlebars enhances the safety and security. Kids can easily pull it in order to bring the scooter to a stop.

All these features make Razor E100 an overall amazing and safe scooter to ride on.


Does It Need to be assembled?

People are often frustrated hearing about a product that needs assembly.

Yes, Razor E100 requires an assembly, but don’t worry at all! This is not that scary kind of assembly. You just have to slide the handlebars into front post and tighten up the collar clamp.

With Razor’s instructions in manual, you will be finished up with the assembly in 10 minutes hardly. It is literally that much easy and simple.


Is Razor E100 Foldable and Portable?

Razor E100 doesn’t offer the folding mechanism. But it is one of the lightest scooters in the market that a kid can easily carry it around.

If space saving is a big concern for you, I would recommend you to dismantle the handlebars with an allen wrench. This will let you save the space without hassle or you can even store the scooter in a trunk.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter FAQs

Razor E100 electric scooter is ready to go now!

Final Thoughts

You have got to find out everything about Razor E100 electric scooter in detail. This light weighted scooter with necessary safety features is definitely something that will not only make your kids happy, but enhance their confidence as well. With a chain-driven, super-quiet motor, the scooter is an environmentally-friendly solution to your kids’ riding needs. The sleek design and bright colors will appeal them to get onto the wide deck of scooter to safely glide through the town.

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