Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

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  • Date: July 30, 2021
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Electric scooters are something to have thrilling adventures with friends and family. But not only kids, the teens and adults also want to linger on this fun. That is why Razor – the top American electric scooters brand- has come up with an exciting product to make everyone of teens happy. With Razor E300 electric scooter, the teens and adults are happy to roll on an exciting ride.

Razor electric scooter E300 is crafted with an appealing wide deck to support big teens and adults of up to 220 lbs. That makes this product super popular among big riders. The sturdy built with powerful front and rear tires, E300 is an all in one electric scooter to give riders a fun ride with a top speed of 15 mph.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Highlights


  • Designed for big riders
  • Quiet motor
  • Twist grip throttle
  • Budget-friendly electric scooter


  • Long battery charge time
  • Lacks fancy features

Things to Know Before Buying Razor E300 Electric Scooter

This Razor E300 electric scooter review is thoroughly penned down to give you the nitty-gritty of the scooter. There are so many reviews out there, but I have put all those points in one place that a parent must know before investing in an electric scooter. So, let’s get into this review for finding out the features and specs of E300 electric scooter.

You will find out!


What Design Features Razor E100 Offers?

Designed just like a conventional electric scooter, Razor E300 has some specific design features. Since this electric scooter is designed keeping big teens and adults in mind, it has options of bright to some decent colors. The design highlights of this affordable scooter are listed here:

Super-Sized Deck for Big Riders

What makes Razor electric scooter E300 really different from other scooters is its super-sized frame and deck. This wide sized deck is particularly designed to support riders like big teens and adults. Built with sturdy tubular steel, the deck can easily support riders up to 220 lbs. So, not only teenagers but the adults can also carry themselves on this scooter without hassles.

Different Options for Colors

Razor has made E300 electric scooter available in multiple colors. So, you have options to choose your favorite one. For the younger teenagers, there is bright blue color that looks appealing. But the bigger teens or adults can avail matte grey or white color.

Smooth Ride with Sturdy Tires

One more exciting feature about E300’s design is its durable tires. With Razor E300, you don’t have to worry about bumps, jerks or rough surfaces. The electric scooter is equipped with pneumatic (or air filled) tires that are good at shock absorption. So, the riders can easily get over the rough or bumpy surfaces.

Furthermore, the front and rear tires are 9” (i.e. 229 mm), so they are large enough to support big riders. That is why E300 can easily support riders with a maximum weight of 220 lbs.

Speed & Mileage

How Fast and Far Can Razor E300 Go?

Razor E300 offers you the best fun with its good range and fast speed. You can enjoy a fun-filled ride with the top speed of 15 mph (i.e. 24 km/h). This is a pretty-good range of speed, although it is not the fastest one but still you can enjoy a thrilling ride.

Despite of its low price, Razor E300 electric scooter also facilitates with its impressive range. It gives a non-stop 45 minutes ride time on a full charge. This equates to around 9 to 10 miles which coms within the mid-range of electric scooters mileage. But in such an affordable price, Razor is offering you an amazing fun with a high speed and reasonable mileage.

Battery Performance

Does Razor E300 Have A Powerful Battery?

As all other Razor products, E300 electric scooter is also equipped with a powerful battery for an extended life.

Razor E300 comes up with a 24 volt (actually consists of two 12 volt batteries) sealed lead-acid battery system. This lead-acid battery system makes it more demanding because in comparison with lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid ones are more stable.

The initial battery charge time is 12 hours that is pretty long and goes against Razor E300. But there are a lot more exciting features which make Razor E300 electric scooter a real demanding product.

E300’s battery is powered by a 250 watt high-torque and chain-driven motor. This motor can deliver a top notch speed of 15 mph with a continuous ride time of 45 minutes.

Tips for Lasting Battery of Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Following some tips and precautions, you can have a long lasting battery in every electric scooter. Make your Razor E300 a full-time fun pack with the given tips:

  • Do not overcharge the battery of Razor E300 electric scooter as overcharging burns out the inner system leaving serious damages to the scooter.
  • Do not use the high-torque motor of E300 for weeks without giving it a charge.
  • Switch off the power button of Razor E300 electric scooter while putting on charge. This will prevent the battery die quickly.

Weight Capacity

How Much Weight Razor E300 Can Carry?

It is already mentioned Razor E300 is designed for teenagers and adult riders. That is why it has such a strong construction that it can carry weight up to 220 lbs. This weight capacity enables it to support big riders.

The wide frame is made up of tubular steel which allows it to support such a heavy weight. And with this heavy construction, E300 electric scooter itself weighs around 42 lbs. These figures clearly depict that it is a scooter designed ideally for big teens and adults.


How Much Razor E300 Electric Scooter Costs?

The next thing to know about is definitely the pricing of Razor E300. Every parent wants to get something valuable for their kids while staying in their budget.

But you don’t need to have concerns regarding price or budget with Razor E300. It is one of the affordable electric scooters in the market. Depending upon the color you choose, you can have a different price range.

The matte grey color starts from $242.31 whereas white or blue color can be availed at the starting price of $279.99. Such a price range is worthy of the features one will be enjoying with this sturdy and exciting electric scooter.

Safety & Comfort

Is Razor E300 Safe Enough for A Comfortable Ride?

Razor being an award winning brand has always designed its products with respect to safety and security standards. That is what you will find in Razor E300 electric scooter too.

One significant safety feature is offered in the form of lead-acid batteries. As mentioned earlier, this electric scooter incorporates lead-acid batteries instead of lithium-ion. This is the plus point of this product as lithium-ion batteries are unstable.

Another safety aspect is provided with hand operated brake which is on the left side of handlebars. The riders can easily pull the brake whenever there is a need to stop or slow down the scooter.

The durable pneumatic tires of E300 further add to its safety and comfort features. They can easily withstand rough terrains and bumpy surfaces. This is an extra safety for the riders.

Moreover, the wide deck to accommodate big riders is also an added feature in terms of safety and comfort. The riders can easily get on the scooter and have a continuous 45 minutes ride without falling off.

One thing that is lacking in terms of safety is the use of related accessories. The scooter doesn’t have any lights that is a negative point for E300 electric scooter. Headlights and such accessories help the riders while riding out in night.


Is Razor E300 Portable and Foldable?

If you are too willing to fold and carry the electric scooter with you, then Razor E300 might not be the right fit for you. E300 electric scooter does not come with foldability feature, although you can dismantle the handlebars to make it space saving.

Moreover, the scooter weighs 42 lbs which makes it difficult to carry around. So, if you are seriously concerned regarding portability, then I would not recommend you to go for Razor E300. And it is better to look into alternative options or the best scooters for commuting.


Does Razor E300 Need to be Assembled?

As all Razor scooters, E300 also demands assembly. But no worries at all! This is pretty simple assembly that only demands an allen wrench and will take hardly 10 minutes.

You just need to slide the handlebar into the hollow post that is above the front wheel and tighten up the clamp to make sure the handlebars are in place.

Following the steps and directions given in the scooter’s manual, you will have your Razor E300 assembled and all set to go.

Razor Brand

Something about Razor

Razor is not a new name to electric scooters industry. This brand is internationally acclaimed by maintaining a reputation in the market. Razor has won multiple awards due to the designs and features provided in electric scooters.

You can easily trust the brand. If you are looking for more confidence, just visit their official website to have detailed information. Their products are listed on Amazon and other popular retail stores. So, there is nothing to worry about!

Razor E300 Electric Scooter FAQs

Final Thoughts

With all the features, specifications and analysis covered about Razor E300 electric scooter, I am sure enough you guys will be relaxed. The affordable price, super-sized deck, twist grip throttle, durable tires, 15 mph speed and a 45 minutes continuous ride time – all these features are enough to finalize your decision for investing in Razor E300. It is definitely a product worth spending your money on.

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