Razor E300 vs Razor E325. Which is the Best?

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  • Date: October 14, 2021
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Are you presently confused about which one is better, Razor e300 vs Razor e325? You have got to connect the dots well! Before you create a random alternative to grasp additions concerning the variations between these 2 electrical scooter models. Let us elaborate on the two.

First, Razor E300 and Razor E325 might seem terribly similar to one another. However, there are some distinctions that make them different. These distinctions are often exhausting to notice.

Electric Scooters

Earlier, the scooter trend from the 1990s was always convincing, but recently its demand has increased dramatically. Additionally, helping people with transport and solving one of the major problems coupled with other so many benefits is commendable. However, It has proved its popularity and has become a transport symbol.

Indeed, electric scooters were rare to be seen. Now, it’s common in different cities. The trend to go with ease and move with the complaint has made life easier.

Earlier, in the 1990s Electric Razor kick scooters, which consists of two wheels, deck platform, and handles for steering. However, they are now quite different if we compare it with the 1990s as there is a new addition of many different advanced technologies, which has made it more convenient to use. Additionally, in electronics; batteries, electric motor, and larger tires are often filled with air.

Furthermore, the majority of the scooter’s concept was to ride while standing on the platform called the deck. Now, the scooters have also advanced. Hence, the deck is converted into seat electric scooters with many other optional accessories. Most importantly, people are not just using an electric scooter for the trend but also these scooters are eco-friendly.

Recently, these scooters were just used as in parks and malls. Now, because of the long-range battery, many of us are using electric scooters for our daily commute for offices and going to nearby places. where we can’t take our four-wheel because of traffic.

Moreover, scooters have also raised the awareness of micro-mobility in public places which has also determined personal market growth. As a result, this huge popularity has also led to increasing in the number of imports by different brands with different models in huge numbers.

As most of the company’s main focus is on adults, fewer companies- particularly Razor is targeting teen and kids. Of course, to attract them towards themselves and travel with enjoyment.

Firstly, their simple forms are consisting of a narrow deck, t-shaped handles with regulate and handbrake, suspensions of both front and rear. Secondly, wheels which consists of different numbers as what their model is, some models also consist of four to five wheels.

On contrary, these scooters have variations and comes up with different designs. subsequently, some scooters are foldable and some scooters include a seat in them. In fact, Altering some features make a whole new form of transportation. Although, they always have few areas where even a slight change made a huge difference in a positive way.

However, battery is included in all modifications.

Razor Company

Razor USA LLC, commonly called Razor, manufactures different kinds of vehicles for the ease of consumer transportation. Besides, there are manual and electric scooters, bicycles, and personal transporters. However, The company was founded in 2000  in Cerritos, California by Carlton Calvin and the JD Corporation. Razor is meanwhile, an American-designed company.

  • E90
  • Power Core 90
  • E100
  • E300
  • E300S
  • Sweet Pea E300S
  • E325
  • eSpark
  • E200S
  • EcoSmart Metro, etc

Brief Introduction Razor E300 vs Razor E325

Razor E300

Indeed, the perfect ride for your sportier facet. However, E300 is as glorious as its predecessors – solely super-sized. Whether or not you’re meeting friends, or simply cruising around, teenaged and adult riders can notice success thrills at quickens to fifteen mph (24 km/h).

Razor E325

Meanwhile, Travel around the neighborhood in speed and elegance here with the special edition Razor E325 Electrical Scooter. Hence, with a high-torque, single-speed chain-driven motor, and a handy twist-grip throttle.

Also, Razor electrical Scooter is an excellent device for pre-teens and teenagers desirous to explore and notice their own means regarding the section. In fact, this folding bar scooter is well folded into a compact size for storage.


Razor E300

Razor E325



These prices are from the official brand website. Thereby, in Razor E300 vs Razor E325 its visible that price of E325 model for electric scooter is lesser than model E300

General Specs and Features

In spite of, many people would say there is no difference between both of the models Razor E300 and Razer E325 but there are some differences that set them apart. Otherwise, why will a company launch The same product again. Indeed, both models are of the same brand “razor” which are originally made in China.

Even though, electric scooters have the ability to withstand a maximum weight of 220 lbs. The recommended minimum age for operating these scooters is 13 years and above. These scooters are designed not only for the kids but also for adults as they have a weight capacity of 220 lbs which is the approximate weight of a normal person. The maximum speed for these scooters are 15 mph

Extra Features

  • Retractable kick-stand
  • Additional features include hand-operated rear brake, easy acceleration with soft rubber griping handles , and retractable kickstand


Physically and visually in terms of design Razor 300 and Razor 325 are quite similar to each other. Furthermore, in terms of color 300 is available in blue and grey while racer e325 is available in Navy silver and white colors. Both of these models have 10″ pneumatic tires that provide a smooth run during driving.

There are different physiques of different people. Likewise, both of these electric scooters have supersized decks and frames that are very comfortable for all kinds of People.

Both the models have hand operated brakes and have twist grip handles for controlling acceleration. Razor E300 has a drawback as compared to E325. However, the drawback is that the E325 model has folding ability while E300 does not folds. 

Therefore, Razor E325 is more portable in terms of storage and in terms of transportation. However, people will obviously opt for razor E325 as it comes handy while going on trips and in daily use as well.


The table below distinguishes between the size parameters of both the models.

Razor E300

Weight: 19.5 lbs.

Height: 42.5 inches

Width: 20.5 inches

Depth: 16.5 inches

Razor E325

Weight: 43 lbs.

Height: 42.5 inches

Width: 40 inches

Depth: 16.5 inches

Besides, the razor E300 electric scooter is made up of steel material. Specifically, Its Tires are pneumatic and its brakes are hand-operated front. It does not have adjustable handles and the grips of this model are made up of polymer. The wheel size of Razor E300 is 9 inches. On the contrary, this model has a strong structure and is not foldable.

The razor E325 electric scooter is also made up of steel material its tires are pneumatic and its brakes are hand-operated front. It also does not have any adjustable handles and its gripes are made up of polymers. The wheel size of E325 is 10 inches which are greater than that of E300. This model is more famous in the market because of its folding ability.


Likewise, RazorE300 and Razor E325 are both commonly used models for electric scooters. Both models are operated by high torque, chain-driven motors, and still have the same maximum speed that is 15 mph. In fact, they have smooth acceleration and the startup of the electric scooters is pretty quick as well.

Besides children many people use both of these electric scooters to go to work, to park their cars, and use this as a secondary transport. In cases of heavy traffic people always find a better solution. In fact, these electric scooters are the best possible way to get rid of this traffic and save your time. Students also use it to go to schools and colleges.

Some people use it to go to markets near their homes as well. Both Razor E300 and Razor E325 have 24 volt batteries two batteries of 12 volts are connected to each scooter Razor E300 on one hand Razor E300 is able to run continuously for  40 minutes while on the other hand   E325 battery life is slightly longer that is of 45 continuous minutes.


Therefore, it is evident that for runtime Razor E300 vs  Razor E325 model E325 is better but both batteries of both models recharge very quickly and hold power very well too.

Razor E300

• Speeds up to 15 mph

• The frame body is of the perfect size

• Chain driven motor with high torque.

• Approximately 40 minutes of continuous use

Razor E325

• Smooth-rolling pneumatic tires , 10 inches and wide.

• Variable speed acceleration

• Ultra-quiet chain-drive motor . Can reach the speeds of approximately  15 miles


Razor E300 and Razor E325 both have
a warranty of 0.25 years, or 3 months in total and have a CE certification.

Customer Reviews for E300

Many customers give their feedback
to the company regarding the vehicle they have used. Here the customers have
focused on how Razor e300 vs Razor e325 is better. They have submitted their
reviews and feedback and acknowledged that they love it and would have buy it
again, if needed.

However, we came across some
negative reviews as well wherein customers showed their distress with its
binary configuration. Likewise, customers showed their dissatisfaction with its
flat tires as well.


Now let’s have a look at its pros
and cons


  • It is easy to put together. It works flawlessly.
  • The wider platform is great because it allows for more standing space and makes the ride more relaxing.
  • If you want a reliable scooter that is suitable for both teenagers and adults. Nothing can go wrong with this vehicle totally.
  • Strong construction and high-quality materials.
  • Large enough wheels to easily navigate the lawn and campground. It works flawlessly and keeps a strong charge with no issues.


  • The throttle is made of slick plastic, while rest of the grips, which are made up of rubber.
  • There is no regulation over the rpm. Binary speed configuration is a pain.
  • The speed difference does not work since the throttle has so little rotational margin from zero to full speed.
  • Tires valves usually don’t work properly.
  • It has the issue of flat tires.

Customer Reviews for E325

Again there were both positive and negative reviews for the product such as its assembling is really impressive. However, their comes some unpleasant noise while using the scooter.


Some pros and cons are enlisted below:


  • This scooter performs admirably in terms of carrying up to 140 pounds when traveling at the specified pace, including uphill.
  • This moves quickly, but not too quickly. The assembly is extremely simple and fast.
  • It’s also a great way to get dogs to race alongside your child as her or she would drive.
  • It’s the ideal pace for young Labradors to get some exercise!
  • Because of the big tires, it is convenient to handle and maneuver around the neighborhood.It works flawlessly and keeps a strong charge with no issues.
  • I weigh 200 pounds and it gets me moving just right.
  • The ride is smooth and the pace is as predicted.
  • This one is really strong and quick – ideal for a rising child! Also, it’s battery life is amazing.


  • Some weird noises from the electric scooter. So get it checked maybe in some scooters there might be any fault in the brakes.

Benefits of Electric Scooters

When it comes to advantages, scooters have huge benefits in terms of health and environments.

If we talk about environment. Our ecosystem is greatly damaged and is effected badly by the use automobiles and other transports who produce harmful gases. Which are as bad for the environments is affecting human health and life in many ways we don’t realize.

Scooters are environmental friendly transport, with no production of harmful gases. Which isn’t but fortune for America. Electrical scooters solely consume touch of electricity however doesn’t emit emissions so they are reliable, cheap and human friendly.

Whenever motion comes, thought of sound pollution return in conjunction with it. There area unit important quantity of noise pollution; as cars, motor bikes, buses, trains etc. all of them area unit therefore loud that even peaceful walk isn’t necessary as they’re awake whole time. If electrical scooters were utilized by everybody, the streets are going to be heaps peaceful with no additional noise for disturbance.

Another challenge that humanity is presently facing is our progressively inactive life style. Several folks add sitting offices or employers, whereas the bulk folks drive or take the train to and from work. once you add in fashionable communication technology (FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc.) that permits America to socialize while not having to depart the house, movement becomes less and fewer vital. 

Those that area unit unable to exercise because of an absence of your time. You’ll be able to get your body going with an electrical scooter for shorter journeys than you’d ordinarily drive or take public transportation. Of course, riding an electrical scooter is not a substitute for exercise, however it’ll assist you strengthen your core and boost your equilibrium.

Every mode of transportation entails some level of danger. once you run quicker than walking speed, you improve the probabilities of getting Associate in Nursing accident – though it’s as straightforward as tripping or colliding with somebody whereas cardiopulmonary exercise.

Scooters area unit in theory safer than alternative personal suggests that of transportation, like walking, skating, or riding hoverboards. Scooters area unit a lot of of a safer choice. You cannot try this on bikes or roller skates, as a result of you have got direct access to the brakes, that hoverboards haven’t got. electrical scooters area unit fast enough to be helpful and gratifying to ride, however, they even have enough management for you to feel snug and secure.

Electric scooters have grown in popularity over the last few decades. They are simple to use and can thus be a viable alternative to traditional modes of transportation, especially in large cities and over short distances. Which is ideal and with no need of license.


Keeping in mind about Razor E300 vs Razor E325 we say that in terms of benefits the vehicle provides to the consumer model E325 has a upper hand because of its folding quality.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Razor E300




Matte Grey


Age Range (Description)


Handlebar Type


Item Weight

19.5 Kilograms

Suspension Type

Dual Suspension

Wheel Material

Alloy Steel

Wheel Size

10 Inches

Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Number of Wheels


Razor E325





Handle Height

42 Inches

Handlebar Type

Motorized Electric Powered Scooter Toy

Number of Wheels


Wheel Material


Wheel Size

9 Inches

Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Item Weight

42.53 Pounds

Suspension Type

Dual Suspension

Final Thoughts

After examining the ways in which Razor E300 vs  Razor E325 is better or worse we draw the conclusion that Razor E300 and Razor E325are quite similar to one another. Razor E325 is mostly additional suggested as a result of the folding style and battery’s time with a minor difference of just 5 minutes.

Apart from that, Razor E300 in terms of specifications is really good itself.

While summing it up, we must let you know that we have found multiple positive reviews wherein customers showed their delight with E300. They said they found it easy to put together and acknowledged that it worked flawlessly.

Also, the best part mentioned in reviews was it a wider platform because that allows more standing space and makes the ride more relaxing.

Likewise, it was recommended for adults and teenagers as its construction is strong while high-quality material is used. However, we also say there are some defective products which unfortunately make the customer unhappy and lead to a negative review.

Thereby, you can check as per your need and budget which one goes well for you.

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