Segway Es1 Scooter Review

  • By: Frank Robinson
  • Date: October 9, 2021
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Segway scooters are the future of transport. They are used in many developed countries to move from one location to another, especially if the distance is relatively short. The best aspect of any Segway scooter is that it is lightweight but sturdy. It is easy to carry, and there isn’t much parking space that goes into parking a scooter, and it is relatively cheaper transportation than a car.


Segway scooters are changing the game when saving the environment is well. A Segway scooter may be the best option for you if you are under a budget.

Materials Used

The first facet of a Segway scooter that we shall talk about is the scooter’s material. The structure of the Es1 is the mix of metals we call alloy. It is mainly aluminum to make sure that it is sturdy and stable. A sturdy metal will not topple over, which is an essential vehicle requirement. The rider should ride the car without any risk of disbalance. This scooter is one of the lightest on the market.

The functioning of the scooter is purely electric, which means that the scooter is good for the environment, and you won’t be spending all your money on fuel. You can save your money and use it to invest in something else. You won’t have to worry about getting your tank filled after every journey. However, since the scooter is electric, you will have to recharge it.

If your use of the Segway scooter is often, you may have to choose the option of the extra battery upgrade; this will also give your scooter a bit of excess weight.

However, as mentioned before, if you are looking to travel short distances without the added hassle of a car or the bus, then you may opt for the Es1 Segway scooter. It is a viable piece of equipment and a worthy contender if you are in the market for scooters. Just make sure that you can maintain the scooter.

You have to keep in mind that the scooter isn’t for undeveloped and poorly constructed roads. You have to make sure that the material does not rust and retains its structure.

Handlebar and its Uses

The handlebar of the Es1 scooter is minimalistic and intricately designed. It is the best part about the entire structure because here is where the magic happens. Most of the technology of the scooter goes on here. The display screen is on the handlebar. You can view your progress on your display screen with ease. You may be able to monitor your hours or even your heartbeat.

The display screen will also show you the current battery state of the scooter and whether or not you have to recharge it. You can even change modes through the display.

A crucial part of the handlebar is the technology incorporated into it. The handlebar makes use of Bluetooth technology. You can use Bluetooth to play music or whatever else you want. You can use Bluetooth to calculate your steps with the relevant app, and this can help you keep track of the energy you exerted on the scooter.

There is an app that works with the scooter, and this is the Ninebot app.  You can use this app to gauge your mileage and the distance you have traveled with the scooter. Further, you can use it to compare with other vehicles.

However, you  may use Bluetooth to connect the app to your scooter. Likewise, you can use the display to choose different modes to ride on. There are various modes, like the cruise mode, where you get a smooth ride and simple steps. You may even choose speed limits according to yourself and the rate at which you are comfortable.

The app is compatible with most mainstream operating systems, making it quite versatile. You may also choose not to download the app and work the Bluetooth with your phone.


This scooter also comes with different variations of speed. It depends upon you and the speed level at which you feel comfortable. The maximum rate that the scooter can reach is 20 km/h, and this is quite good for a scooter. However, it may take time for you to feel comfortable with that speed level. For that, you can use the lower-speed modes.

If you compare it to other scooters in the market, the maximum speed may seem like it’s low. You can solve this by attaching the extra battery to your scooter to make it run faster, 25km/h to be exact. This speed is relatively better for people who buy the scooter for work purposes.

Scooters can be excellent for traffic-ridden countries. People often use scooters for deliveries and make sure that everything is on time. However, if the speed is low, the scooter might not be worth much. You have to make sure that you are purchasing a scooter that can travel the way you want it. It is still largely believed that the speed level of the Es1 is not up to par, but it is budget and functional, which makes up for it.

It is one of the better scooters on the market if we’re talking about speed, but it isn’t the absolute best. There are better models if the rate is of the essence to you.

You can change speed settings according to you. The scooter comes with three-speed modes, and you can change these speed settings using the display on the handlebar. These modes aren’t like regular modes, and they do have a particular distinction. For one, the first mode isn’t a speed level. If you put your scooter on mode 1, you’ll be able to choose any speed of your liking which is in the range of the maximum speed limit.

The second-speed setting is more of a maximum speed only. You can’t choose the pace on this model, but you have to have excellent balance if you want to ride at the total rate. Without this, the chances of an accident are pretty high. You have to practice in a traffic-free area to ride the scooter in a traffic-prone region. Traffic is a huge issue in commercial areas, and most people ride scooters in these regions to get to their destination quickly.

Finally, we have the sports mode. The best thing about the sports mode is that it improves the scooter’s acceleration. The sports mode uses both acceleration and the maximum speed limit, providing you the highest rate that the scooter can give.


Next, we shall talk about the distance that the scooter can cover and relevant precautions. The scooter is highly versatile and can work in suburban areas or commercial areas. You can use it for personal travel or a job. It is a decent piece of equipment for the long term.

You should know that the scooter is not viable for travel outside of the city because of the inconsistencies and the lack of charging spots outside of town. However, it is perfect for within and is suitable for the environment.

The scooter comes with a 250W hub motor that helps with the smooth procession and will take you far once fully charged and functional. The scooter will easily take you at 25km/h; this is good distance coverage for busy cities. One shortcoming that you could experience is that the battery might run out if the traffic stretches too far and wide.

Regardless, the price is per the quality of the vehicle and is quite budget friendly. You can use it in the given range without the car giving way.

The best way to offset the battery problem is to get that extra battery that has been talked about before. The battery drastically changes the speed at which the scooter can travel. Not only that, but the battery will also make sure that the scooter covers a greater distance than it would without the battery. The scooter’s best distance can cover with the extra battery is about 48 km.

This model is known to hold its own even with competitors flooding the market with newer models, because it is known for quality.

Battery Life

The most important aspect of the scooter is its battery life, this is the selling point of any electric scooter, and its development should be appropriate. The scooter is famous because it helps to protect the environment.

For this reason, it is imperative that the scooter you purchase have good battery life and the battery does not give out that easily. There are many ways to improve your battery and make your scooter run smoothly. However, it should have a grounded base. This scooter provides that.

The scooter comes with lithium-ion batteries with 36V, and this is a good enough battery that will provide the scooter with the required energy. The Es1 comes with a flurry of about 187 Wh. However, when upgraded, the battery becomes 384 Wh, which is a good amount to have. The app that is relevant to the scooter will provide you with the details of the battery life.

Additionally, it gives you disclaimers as to what needs to be changed and what precautions you should take to make sure that your scooter runs smoothly and without any hindrances.

It is essential to know that you can also check any updates regarding your battery on your LCD screen, and this is a quick and easy solution. If you feel that you may be running out of battery, one look at the display can absolve you of any issues you think you might be having.

There is a new technology that many scooters are making use of, including this one. This technology goes by the name of implemented energy regeneration. Using this method can allow you to have more battery than usual just by riding it.

This technology works because when you step on the brakes, some energy goes back to your battery. It is a good way of prolonging your scooter’s battery life. You have to install the app that concerns your scooter on to your phone. The option to turn this feature on is on that app. However, there are some precautions that you should take regarding this feature.

Using this feature when your scooter is already at 100% battery can be significantly damaging. Avoid using this feature when you have fully charged your battery because there is no good that this can do.

There isn’t any research or evidence that is present which can act as proof of this theory, but regardless, try to refrain from using this technology in these circumstances to protect your scooter from any damage.

Precautions of Protection of Battery

The company added a few features to ensure that the battery remains stable and protected. There is overheating protection, which can occur when the scooter is being overused and not given time to breathe. There may be a short-circuit issue as well. Not only is this issue harmful to the scooter, but also you. You may get electrocuted if you are riding the scooter when it short circuits. There is also over-current protection and overcharge protection, which could be detrimental for you and the bike.

If you take these precautions, your battery may last you about 2 to 3 years or about 500 to 1000 charging cycles. As mentioned before, the battery is an essential part of an electric scooter. You have to ensure that it retains its quality and does not get damaged because of overuse.


When talking about the ergonomics of the scooter, you should check how comfortable it is in terms of its design. We also talk about how the scooter’s design positively affects the functionality of the scooter. All of this matters for a long time, and you shouldn’t purchase a scooter without having complete information about its specifications.

The scooter is quite stylish and sleek in terms of its exterior. It will look amazing while riding. With the classic finish and color of the scooter, the vehicle does not look immature. It is one of the best pieces of equipment if you look at it superficially.

Apart from that, the scooter also makes use of an extra battery. However, the battery does not make the design any less classy. You may feel that the added battery may cause the scooter to look gaudy, but that isn’t entirely the case. The battery comes with rounded corners that adjust in the mainframe; it does not ruin the bike’s aesthetics in any way.

The scooter’s handlebars have excellent grip and are soft to the touch. Your hand will rarely cramp up while riding this.

The scooter also comes with a non-slip mechanism on the foot surface, and this will help you retain your balance even on unstable and uneven roads. You have to keep in mind that balance is critical when riding a scooter. The company carefully built the entire structure, considering the rider’s comfort and holding it to a higher degree.

The best part about the scooter is that you can store it very quickly; you can fold the scooter. When you fold the scooter, you make it easy to carry around. For this reason, the scooter is also travel-friendly.


We shall talk about the precautions that you should take when it comes to moisture around the scooter. The scooter comes with technology that withstands splashes and a little water here and there. However, it will not survive if it is wholly submerged. Chances are it will short circuit, and you will have to completely change the scooter parts for it to be functional again. Remember to store the scooter in a cool and dry place.

Safety on the Road

Finally, you should consider whether or not the Segway scooter is safe on the road. Make sure that the scooter is suitable for you. We have already talked about the comforts of the scooter, the gripping floor space, and the comfortable handlebars. The scooter also comes with a temperature sensor which will indicate when the temperature is too high.

The model uses two brakes in the structure; there is an electrical brake and a manual brake. The rider can use the manual brake if the scooter runs out of battery, and you need to use it as a simple kick scooter.


It is essential to keep in mind that a scooter is not a toy, especially not this one, and it will take some time for you to get used to riding it. However, it is the best mode of transportation if you want something short-term to ride around the neighborhood. It is suitable for the environment and works best for people who are comfortable with riding bikes, and this is one of the better models that money can buy and is an excellent investment if you are on a budget.

This model has a slower speed than its counterparts, which is better for a beginner to practice without getting hurt or facing dangerous circumstances. This scooter is ideal for people who already travel on bikes.

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