Hollyburn Rover P5 – here’s all you need to know!

  • By: Frank Robinson
  • Date: October 13, 2021
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The latest in the series of Works Electric Hollyburn p5 is a powerhouse made out of cold-rolled steel which is strong enough to endure your off-road adventures without a problem!

As the world swiftly moves toward electrically powered vehicles, with strong backing by Tesla and Chinese manufacturing. Smaller companies too have found this path to be both, sustainable and profitable.

Works Electric being a small machine manufacturing company in Southeast downtown Portland, Oregon, is known for building all its vehicles in-house by hand to this date, contributing to their unbeatable and enduring quality.

Hollyburn Rover P5, though being an electric scooter by definition, is termed by the company as a Rover. Primarily because of beastly power and speed, which outshines a normal electric scooter.

Whether you are a machine enthusiast, adventure-lover or an avid reader in general, this article will surely interest you. This is a detailed review of Works Electric Hollyburn Rover P5 All Terrain model. All the things you need to know about the latest addition to the Hollyburn Series has been summed up below!

Design and Features


The vehicle’s design is based upon the material it is made of. Hollyburn Rover P5 is hand built purely out of aircraft-grade stainless steel and aluminum, having the strength to endure fractional air friction as an aircraft to provide with the amazing speed and robust character.

Also, the two colours offered in the model, Carbon Grey/Mint accentuate the materials and their character throughout the body. Stainless steel and aluminum of aircraft-grade provide the framework with rigidity, strength and damage endurance. They also prove to be great to protect the battery and support the assembly of wheels and oversized brakes.

The materials and their dimensions give an excellent weight to power ratio for the model’s performance, being 8.1 HP for every 100 Watts.

In many areas of the model’s body, the materials are infused like in aircrafts to provide more strength and durability in minimum weight, such as the chassis.

The materials are so durable and well-blended in the structure of the model that the vehicle comes with a one-year materials warranty!

The overall model has an IP66 waterproof weather resistant rating. Adventures are not just for fair weather days, and so is this model Hollyburn Rover P5. This machine is made to accompany you on your rides and adventures in any season at any time, come rain or snow.


With the ZM3-R Motor, its max power is up to 5200 Watts! This is why the makers call it all-terrain. Because this power is enough to take you through off-jumps, streets, mud, water, basically anything adventurous that you may like!

The powerful motor is protected by aluminum motor shield and motor debris guards to prevent any dirt from interfering with the motor’s function.

Throttle and Speed

Hollyburn P5’s excellent speed and throttle are two other most notable features. With only its right hand side twist throttle grip able to release 4400 Watts of power, the vehicle provides a rocketing top speed of 37 miles per hour!

The throttle is so powerful for a reason because the rover has a single gear.

However, there is no speedometer. So, we are just aware of the facts about speed that come with manufacturing details, and some with experience. In fact, in each individual experience of riding this rover, you cannot continuously monitor your speed. This makes works electric hollyburn p5 less suitable for commutes in traffic, around a lot of people or residential areas, and on roads.

The lack of speedometer is also one reason why there is so much emphasis on the braking system in this rover model.


The P5 model had an unmatchable braking system through depressing levers at both sides of the handle. They are not necessarily activated at the same time. But, both are very powerful.

The right hand-side grip controls the regenerative interlock braking system. It is very efficient and immediately stops rover action. It activates the braking system at the back. This is strong enough to put stoppage to over-speeding or in any emergency. The regenerative braking system stores power into the battery. The vehicle slows down and provides longevity to the front brakes.

In case of extra safety measures or precaution, the disc brakes at the front activate. By depressing the left hand-side lever the brakes activate.

The excellent braking system perfectly complement the beastly power and rocket speed of Hollyburn P5. There is 180mm hydraulic disc brakes at the front and regenerative interlock braking at the back.

The dual-piston hydraulic brakes are accompanied with high performance metal ceramic brake pads. This increases the braking power of the P5 model.

Overall, the braking system provides an element of security by covering the speed and power features with a counter attribute.

However, some people think of these brakes as too harsh. That they are strong enough to bruise the rider (quite badly, if one’s not careful). But, for the speed, mileage and power, the braking system is foolproof, which is a sensible design element is.

Weight and Torque

With an average scooter weighing somewhere between 100-200 lbs, the Hollyburn Rover P5 is comparatively much lighter in weight. It only has a curb weight of 89 lbs. It allows standing weight of rider up to 270 lbs.

However, this does not mean that this robust-looking vehicle cannot withstand all the madness of your off-road terrain adventures. Its materials, weight and component design enable it to be perfect for rocky roads and muddy tracks. The sturdy stem allows for such a low fulcrum point putting a high torque on the stem. This enables the rider to move and turn it freely around.

The aircraft-grade stainless steel and aluminum are the reason why the vehicle’s chassis does not damage. The materials prevent bending despite the torque on the stem and the max power!

Mileage and Range

The Hollyburn Rover P5 smoothly runs up to 28 miles per charge. However, if you are being too adventurous and utilize the max power and speed more often on a trip, you may have to charge it halfway through the prescribed mileage.

The robust beast Hollyburn P5 achieves 96% of its max power within 5 seconds of throttle. Because, it has a single gear throttle, designed to back and boost the machine’s working on 90% efficiency.

Battery and Charging Time

One of the new features in the Hollyburn Rover P5 is its battery style. The SDI battery is fused at cell level in the latest Hollyburn model.

This feature provides a smooth performance and battery reliability. Cell-level fusing protects the battery from over-charging. It has the ability to disconnect from the motor to prevent damage.

The Hollyburn P5 uses the new Samsung SDI battery encased in IP67 waterproof protection. It is a 1.2kWh (in capacity) lithium-ion battery, which is the safest to use.

The regular charge of the batteries is usually once every 37 miles. The standard digital charger takes only five hours to charge the rover to a hundred percent!

The battery is able to accept and process any voltage between 36 to 84 Volts. The average recommended voltage is around 57V. This is a prime feature of the P5 control system.

The estimated battery life of Hollyburn Rover P5 is 50,000 miles!

Also, the new battery compartment has twice the space as the previous model to accommodate future battery upgrades.

The battery charger is a standard digital smart charger (110-240V), with portable outboard.

The amazing thing about Hollyburn P5 is that it comes with a separate two-year battery warranty!

Premium Features of the All-Terrain!

Chassis Armor – unbeatable protection!

The company’s marketed Crusher Five-Point® Chassis Armor in the Hollyburn P5 gives unbeatable protection to the battery. This provides smooth working despite any bumpy journey or risk of water seeping in.

The body is completely water-proof because of the choice of first-class manufacturing materials.

Magna-Shell ST4® Chassis

The chassis is lightweight yet extremely durable. It is made with a blend of aluminum and stainless steel to imitate aircraft construction material and technique.

The chassis weighs about one-eighth of the whole curb weight. This indicates that it is very light and flexible as compared to the strong materials used in its construction.

Smooth Running

As compared to other rovers on the market, this Hollyburn P% is much less noisy. The Pure Sine Wave DC Vector Control is a system that is designed and built-in to provide a smoothly running and accelerating engine.

Given the achievable max power of the ZM3-R Motor, the company has built in other features for people to notice you riding this incredible machine.

Foldable Design

The vehicle easily folds and works for smaller storage spaces. This is an amazing aspect of their product design. This is why the stem and chassis of the Hollyburn P5 appear to be similar in dimensions because through the Z-Stack 4 folding front end, it achieves less than half the original standing height.

For details, the standard height of the model is forty six inches. And the height of the vehicle after folding reduces to twenty inches only! The Z-Stack 4 enables the rover to fold more than half of its original height.

The three-point assembly design over the front wheel of this rover is another great feature that gives the body its flexibility.

This flexibility enables the rover to endure huge torques and high speeds without any serious damage.

High Tensile Chain

Hollyburn P5’s high tensile chain works best for off-road and terrain adventures. This model offers incredible durability to ensure no bumpy rides (dirt does not get caught up in the chain). Rather, the chain supports the performance of the motor and the overall smoothness of the ride to give the rider a pleasurable experience.

LED Headlights and Stealth Mode

The Works Electric P5 model in the Hollyburn Series offers two pairs of LED headlights. The advantage of LED lights in a scooter or rover is that they use less power as compared to HID.

The white pair of LED lights is at the front and the red pair of LED lights is at the back. The LED light is of 1000 lumens each.

However, some machine enthusiasts may argue that this is not enough because scooter headlights can exceed the lumen units than the P5 feature. In addition the lights only provide enough light for illumination of the rider and not so much for the rider, especially considering night riding.

Without proper illumination, it might be risky for the rider to explore the model’s performance features of power and speed up to their potential, at night.

When it comes to the most crucial aspect for riding in the dark or during night, it looks like the P5 model has room to improve as the other performance and design features are not inclined to increase in importance at any specific time of day.

A high mileage means longer periods of rover riding and this will invariably at some point, call for riding at night. Off road adventures at night may require more illumination for some people than the model itself offers.

The other feature in this model is stealth mode light control, to avoid or control the rover’s lighting in case you do not wish to turn on the headlights. This is done by providing the rider with manual control over the lighting system.

Some Great Add-ons!

There is more that you can do to achieve an even better experience with this wondrous vehicle. Add some accessories to make your ride an even better experience. Here are some options below:

Attachable Seat

Works Electric offers a range of accessories that you can add to your vehicle, such as the seat attachment V2 which can be a handy addition if you are planning to use Hollyburn P5 for longer rides.

Fast Charger

The fast charger is another great add-on option, considering long mileage rides, the battery can run out quicker than usual. Also, you may need back up faster than the standard charging time. This is where the fast charger can be of great help. It cuts down the charging time by fifty percent!

Rain Fender

The rain fender on the back wheel is a great addition for the rainy season or a muddy ride, to prevent the water sprawling from the back tire to splash on your feet and clothes.

Brake Pads

You can also add brake pads compatible with the P5 model to efficiently manage the braking system and have more control over your ride.

Brake Rotors

A brake rotor is an excellent accessory choice for rover and scooter fans. The 180mm x 2.3mm wave-type brake rotor comes with high heat dispersion and heat tolerance abilities.

Comparison with Other Models

Along with P5, the latest in the Hollyburn Series by Works Electric is the Hollyburn SS which caters more specifically towards road riding and commuting on the streets.

Compared to this, the P5 has a lesser capability to adapt to on-road performance as the cornering and turning ability of P5 is less controlled and less smooth than the SS model. Also, the P5 model will be noisier in comparison to the SS. However, that is only because the P5 is much more suited to the off-road adventures which call for more robust riding.

As compared to its previous generation models in the Hollyburn Series like P3, P5 has additional battery space, #35 high tensile chain, regenerative braking, light stealth mode and much more in terms of power and speed.

What are the Pros and Cons of Riding Hollyburn P5?

The model offers unmatchable power and speed as compared to other scooters and rovers on the market. A dream-come-true for all rover enthusiasts and adventure seekers, this is perfect for off-road adventures. The flexibility its structure offers, the lightweight body, high-class materials, and amazing torque capacity of 62Nm is unbeatable.

The weather resistant rating and Samsung lithium-ion battery as well as motor debris guard, and battery protector make the model perfect for adventures in rough weather, longer periods and provide longevity to the vehicle’s components.

However, it can be dangerous to lose control of the speed especially during turning points as there is no speedometer. Furthermore, any brake signals which can make it difficult for you to control your riding speed as well. As it can be difficult for any driver or rider around you to guess if you are going to pull the brakes or not.

Less illumination during night can also be a challenge, for both the rider and others around, in case the rider needs more visibility than 1000 lumens.

Is it for You and Worth Your Money?

If you seek a machine powerhouse as your partner for off-road terrain adventures, then this beast machine is for you. The quality, craftsmanship and technology this rover offers you are worth the dollars.

Works Electric being a small company in vehicle manufacturing focuses on hand-building in-house products which ups the cost of the final product. Due to excellent man labour and high quality materials.

There is room for improvement, like in any other product and design but what the company has achieved with this model to provide to the customer is worth the bucks.

With separate material and battery warranties, a 50,000 miles estimated mileage, high class motor and DC controller for noise control and smooth acceleration, the Hollyburn P5 does not disappoint in power, battery, or speed attributes.

Realistically, the original cost of the rover plus additional cost of accessories may be hard on the pocket, but those who aren’t new to adventures know that thrill and safety are worth every penny spent on a masterpiece like this!

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